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Ezio Gribaudo: My Pinocchio

How Much House?

Book Description: 

Pinocchio has been a leitmotif in Ezio Gribaudo's artwork over the decades. Since the 1950s, the artist has incorporated Carlo Collodi's novel The Adventures of Pinocchio into his works, with frequent thematic references that have evolved along with the artist's own development of the main character. This volume captures the universality of Pinocchio, which Gribaudo proposes here in the shape of a silhouette that evokes the collective myth of childhood. In so doing, Gribaudo illustrates Collodi's puppet as a representation mediated by the relationship between text and image, a subject transferred from being a literary instrument to an artistic one, spawning symbols and icons.

Trained at the Accademia di Brera and as an architect, Ezio Gribaudo brings to his visionary art a distinctive sense of chromatic precision and historical determination that derive from his work as a painter, sculptor, and graphic artist. His award-winning production has been recognized with various international prizes, among which the IX Rome Quadriennale in 1965, the XXXIII Venice Biennale Prize in 1966, and the São Paulo Biennale in 1967. His work has been shown internationally and is included in the permanent collections of many museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Italy, among others.


Author Bio: 

Victoria Surliuga is Associate Professor of Italian studies at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. She has studied Comparative Literature at Mount Holyoke College and holds an M.A. from Brown University and a Ph.D. from Rutgers University. She is a scholar of modern and contemporary Italian art, Italian cinema, and contemporary Italian poetry, as well as a poet and a translator. Her publications include Ezio Gribaundo: My Pinocchio (2017) and Ezio Gribaundo: The man in the Middle of Modernism (2016). She has written five books of poems: apnea (2015, illustrated by Ezio Gribaundo), Plastica (2010), Forbici (2006, Francesco Varcasia Prize), Allergia alla notte (2000) and Risposte del silenzio (1994, City of Turin Prize). She is the recipient of The 1905 Fellowship from the Mount Holyoke College Alumnae Association and a CH Foundation grant to the Italian Program at TExas Tech University to curate the art exhibition Ezio Gribaundo's Theaters of Memory at the LHUCA in 2016.