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Applied Physics M.Sc. Theses


The Texas Tech Physics Department is committed to achieving important research while still providing a high quality of education for our students at the undergraduate and graduate level. The following are applied physics M.Sc. theses written by former graduate students of the Physics department at TTU.
Theses Archive:    Applied Physics M.Sc. Theses

Author Name Applied Physics M.Sc. Thesis Title Date/Year
Mabkhoot Aldawsari  Comprehensive Study of Optical Condensers Formed in Wet-Mounting Setup   2015-08
Bandar Alharbi  Origin of Unexpected Condenser-like Rings in Fourier Plane Images Obtained Using Immersion-oil Objective Lenses   2015-08
Keller Andrews  Optical Properties of La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 Thin Films and the Effects of Embedded Noble Metal Nanospheres   2015-05
Nouf Alharbi  Fourier Plane Imaging Microscopy   2014-12
Ganga Jayarathna  Transition Dynamics for Muonium Acceptor States in Silicon Germanium Alloys   2014-12
Ailiyasi Ainiwaer   Synthetic study in amplitude and frequency content of the P410P phases from common upper mantle discontinuity  2014-08
Mdhaoui Alhusain  Fourier Plane Microscope for Imaging Plasmonic Crystals with Periods Beyond the Diffraction Limit   2014-05
Willis Agutu  Study of Surface Plasmon Propagation in a Waveguide by Using Plasmon Tomography   2014-05
Kamrul Alam  Double Slit Diffraction Experiment with Surface Plasmon Polaritons   2013-05
Ongard Thiabgoh  Study of Plasmonic Lenses using Surface Plasmon Polariton Tomography   2012-08
Lyndon Bastatas  Nano-Mechanical Studies of Prostate Cancer Cells Using Atomic Force Microscope   2012-05
Daniel Dominguez  Quantum Plasmonics   2012-05
Hendra Tarigan  Study of Surface Plasmon - Polariton Propagation in Plasmonic Crystals   2012-05
Amy West  Study of the Photon Propagation Paradox   2012-05
Jesse Vernon  Characterization of Muonium Centers in Gallium Phosphide   2011-12
Micah Gatz  Measurement of Propagation Losses in Ring Resonators Based in Silica on Silicon Waveguides   2008-12
Nenad Stojanovic  Thin Film Thermal Conductivity of Aluminum and Silicon Nitride   2007-08
Sashidhar Guttula  Self-Assembly of Colloidal Lattice at Pickering Emulson Interfaces   2007-08
Benjamin D. Noll  Atmospheric Density Fluctuations due to Solar Modulation and Orbital Debris Modeling   2006-05
Deeder Md. Aurongzeb  Nanocrystal Formation at Interfaces in Ni/Al Multilayers   2005-08
Zahir K. Khawaja  Photomodulated Reflectance Spectroscopy of Gallium Arsenide and Gallium Indium Arsenide   2003-05
Sebastien Francoeur  Characterization of gallium arsenide nitride and indium gallium arsenide nitride novel semiconductors   1999-05
Michael D. Butcher  Surface Breakdown on Insulators at Cryogenic Temperatures   1998-05
Matthew Ellis  Construction Of A Scanning Tunneling Microscope For Imaging Of Carbon Nanotubes   1998-05
David Hemmert  Window and Cavity Breakdown Caused by High Power Microwaves   1998-05
Chintamani P Palsule  Transient Photocurrent Decay in Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon   1989-12
 Gary Leiker Design And Construction Of A High Power Electron Gun  1984-05