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The Texas Tech Physics Department is committed to achieving important research while still providing a high quality of education for our students at the undergraduate and graduate level. The following are M.Sc. theses written by former graduate students of the Physics department at TTU.
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Author Name M.Sc. Thesis Title Date/Year
Eddins, Avery Detecting Radio Counterparts of Binary Neutron Star Mergers with the VLA and ngVLA 2023-12
Hibler, Cheslee Nu Looks: A Hard X-Ray Survey of Nearby Bulgeless Spiral Galaxy NGC 2403 2023-12
Bradshaw, Corey William A Spectral Investigation into the Properties and Evolutionary Status of Radial-Mode Hot-Subdwarf Pulsators and Blue Large-Amplitude Pulsators 2023-08
Deshmukh, Kunal Prashant Modeling the Double Detonation Supernova Progenitor CD-3011223 2023-08
Harun, Asma Particle transport by cilia arrays in parallel wall channels 2023-08
Stringer, Eric Paul Detailed Follow-up Studies of Three Ultra-compact sdB Binaries 2023-08
Aslan, Ali Nazim Computational Secondary Electron Emission Analysis of Ag and Au under Oxygen-Carbon Surface Contamination  2023-05
Alsharari, Sami Mohammed Theoretical Studies of Cu (110) Surface with the Different Carbon Coverages  2023-05
Akah, Blessing Pharmacokinetics Data Analysis of Doxorubicin Drug to Examine Variability in Patient Specific Drug Kinetics  2022-08
Kushimo, Tunde Investigating Students' Strengths and Difficulties in Quantum Computing  2022-08
Maille, Miranda Spectroscopy of High Redshift Blazar Candidates  2022-08
Slocum , Jacob One-Dimensional Topological Nanostructures Utilizing Surface Phonon Polaritons on Silicon Carbide  2022-08
Pinheiro, Luciano Directed Searches for Continuous Gravitational Waves from the Neutron Star Left by Supernova 1987a  2022-05
Alzahrani, Nouf Hydrodynamic radioactivity analog  2021-12
Brown, Madeline Secondary Electron Emission of Clean and Hydrogen Layered Nickel Surfaces  2021-08
Vincent III, Timothy Cu and Ag in Si: the elusive Cu0 and Cu0 defects  2021-08
Herkommer, Michael Educational Augmented Reality: Interactive Magnetic Field Visualization  2021-05
McNamara, Connor A Simulation Study of Tidal Effects on the Orbits of N-Body Systems  2021-05
Bhakta, Deven Multi-Messenger Study of GRBs and Their Remnants  2020-05
Abrams, Derek Light Absorbers for Optical-Thermal-Electrical Energy Conversion  2019-12
Muthumuni, Samila Methods to Search for New Physics in Proton-Proton Collisions at the LHC - Same Sign Dimuon Final State for Lepton Number Violation Process  2018-12
Ramey, Charles The Transformation of an Upper-division Lab and Comparative Analyses of Two Scientific Writing Activities  2018-12
Servati, Mahsa Imaging Drosophila Embryo Gastrulation to Identify Stress Fields and Biomechanical Feedback  2018-08
Streseman, Matthew Using Astrometric Wobble to Detect Black Holes with Gaia  2018-08
Alamri, Ali Mixed Illumination Direction Multiplexing Fourier Ptychographic Microscopy based on HDC  2017-12
Ardakani, Reza Time Reversal Invariance in Quantum Mechanics  2017-12
Mulherin, Olivia Theoretical Study of the Elastical and Thermal Properties of the AuCd Shape Memory Alloy  2017-12
Sooriyaarachchi, Dilshan Comparative Study of Photonic Crystal Imaging using Fourier Tychographyic Microscopy and Dual Space Microscopy  2017-12
Zhuang, Zhuang Analysis of students performance based on Bloom's taxonomy  2017-12
Merritt, Ryan Performance Improvements of SLEND Dynamics by Symmetry Breaking  2017-11
Surendranath, Shivakumar  Moiré effect studies at thermal frequencies  2017-08
Zahid, Hadeel  Structural, vibrational and thermal properties of some type II tin-based clathrates  2017-08
Stam, Henry  Structural, electronic, and vibrational properties of some type-II tin based clathrates  2017-08
Aldawsari, Fahad  Laser-based Fourier ptychographic microscopy (FPM)  2017-05
Alfarraj, Mohammed Ibrahim Same Row Multiplexing Fourier Tychographic Microscopy  2017-05
Alharbi, Bader Ali Same Column Multiplexing Fourier Ptychographic Microscopy  2017-05
Alotaibi, Mohammed 1-D Fourier Ptychographic Microscopy  2017-05
Alzayed, Abdullah Laser-Based Dual-Space Microscopy  2017-05
Gedies, Robert Automatic Determination of Illumination Directions from Fourier Plane Images  2017-05
Osler, Arlo The lack of radio jet emissions from 4u 1957+11: new constraints on jet production from thin accretion disks  2017-05
Alanzi, Shaima  Dual-space Microscopy  2016-12
Alenazy, Wedad Super Resolution Imaging of Photonic Crystals using the Dual-Space Microscopy Technique  2016-12
Bu Ali Thermal Imaging and infrared scene projector based on VO2 films and scanning mirrors  2016-12
Lamichhane, Kamal  Search for 750 GeV resonance on MonoZ channel at CMS Experiment  2016-12
Desai, Darshan Bhadresh  Novel techniques of optical detection and observation of periodic crystals  2016-12
Gordienko, Alexandra  Growing anatase and rutile titania on c-cut sapphire using pulsed-laser deposition  2016-12
Siller, Victor  The effects of plasma etching substrates on the performance of group 11 metal thin films  2016-08
Cao, Dongyu  Optical microscopy techniques based on the use of a computer-controlled hemispherical digital condenser  2015-12
Alharbi, Bandar Mohammed  Origin of unexpected condenser-like rings observed in Fourier plane images obtained using immersion-oil objective lenses  2015-08
Aldawsari, Mabkhoot Mudith  Comprehensive study of optical condensers formed in wet-mounting setup  2015-08
Andrews, Keller  Optical properties of La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 thin films and the effects of embedded noble metal nanospheres  2015-05
Alotaibi, Maged  Oil Sorption Mechanism by Natural Sorbents  2015-05
Jayarathna, Ganga  Transition dynamics for muonium acceptor states in silicon germanium alloys  2014-12
O'Brien, Gregory  Massive Spectroscopic Follow-up of Transients from the Multi-Epoch Nearby Cluster Survey  2014-08
Alsalmi, Omar  Phase Stability of XZn (X = Cu, Ag, and Au) B2 Alloys  2014-08
Ainiwaer, Ailiyasi  Synthetic study in amplitude and frequency content of the P410P phases from common upper mantle discontinuity  2014-08
Al Mogeeth, Abdulaziz Nuclear Single Particle Energies  2013-08
Udugama Arachchilage. Rakhitha  Effect of Cation Symmetry on Probe Rotational Diffusion in Ionic Liquids Studied by Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching  2013-08
Wacheux, Annie Jessica Vibrational and Thermal Properties of Type-I Tin Clathrates 2013-08 
Yoo, Jieun Electron Nuclear Dynamics Studies of Cancer Therapy Processes: Proton Collisions with Water Clusters and Electron Damage of Nucleobases  2013-08
Liu, Lianci  Nano Fabrication of Silicon Fins  2012-12
Rusuriye, Vanalet Curriculum Development and Laboratory Investigation Assessment  2012-12
Houk, Adam  Computerized Processing of Plasmon Tomography Images  2012-08
Docaj, Andris  Three Carbon Pairs in Silicon  2012-05
Matthews, James  Utilizing Functionalized Nano-Patterned Surfaces as a Clue to Cell Growth  2012-05
Rodriguez, Robier Plasmon Tomography Far-Field Superlenses  2012-05
Jake R. Schwierking Double Resonance Spectroscopy of n=4 d and f Rydberg States of H2O  2010-08
Saremi, Bahar Synthesis of Giant Unilamellar Vesicles (GUVs) from RSE Liposomes in High and Low Ionic Strength Buffers  2010-08
Marchante, Moses Quantum vs Classical Electrodynamics: Do photons move following lines of energy flux?  2010-05
Idziaszek, Alicja Interference in Arrayed Waveguide Gratings Illuminated with Ultra Fast Pulses of Light  2008-12
Pandit, Pankaj Study of Phonon Decay in Zone Center Phonons in AlN  2007-12
Briggs, Justin B. Amtec Power Output Optimization by Investigating the Grain Size Effect on its Electrode Materials  2007-08
Kanchibotla, Bhargava-Ram Magnetic Properties of Iron (Fe) Nanostructures  2005
Patibandla, Sridhar Ignition in Al1Fe2O3 Energetic Nano-Composites  2004
McAfee, Jason L. Structural and Vibrational Properties of N,N Pairs and {N,H} Complexes in Silicon 2004
Thomas, Rayburn D. Study of Radiation Hardness in Optical Fibers  2004
Thakar, Sameer G.  Al/Fe2O3 Energetic Composites Based on Nanowire Arrays  2004
West, Damien J.  Copper Defects in Silicon  2003
Mikhail Shubov  Accelerator Driven Nuclear Energy Systems  2000
Cannon, Brian L.  Phospholipid Headgroup Superlatice Modulation of Cardiac Calcium Channel Activity  2000
Gu, Chunlin  Measurement of Branching Ratio of the B Decay to Chic and Kaon  2000
Lee, Kerry T.  Measurement of Branching Ratio of a B Meson Decaying to a J/Psi Meson, a Kaon and Two Pions  2000
Shubov, Mikhail Accelerator Driven Nuclear Energy Systems   2000
Dawdy, Morgan R.  Muonium in Gallium Nitride  1999
Hastings Jeffrey L. Hydrogen-Defect Interactions in Silicon   1999
Glynn, Patrick Todd  High Rydberg States and Ionization Potential of Carbon  1997
Ha, Byeongchul Molecular-dynamics Study of the Staebler-Wronski Effect in Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Using Large Supercells   1997
Lal, Surbhi   Characterization of Chemical Vapor Deposited Diamonds 1997 
Zheng, Zhongqiang  Diamond-like Carbon Films Made by Sputtering and PECVD  1997
 Demirturk, Tayfun  Reduction of the Surface Electric Potential on Lexan and Teflon 1997 
Smith, Willian  Electron Paramagnetic Resonance of Amorphous Silicon Nitride   1996
Young, Douglas  Effects of Diode Gap Closure and Bipolar Flow on Vircator Microwave Generation   1996
Greig, Wendy Ellen  An Electron Cyclotron Resonance Toroidal Plasma System for Thin Film Deposition   1995
Hao, Jing-Fang  The Effect of Magnetic Field on Coated Insulators   1995
Yerger, Walter  Nuclear Physics   1995
Guo, Ping     1995
Vaughn, Gregory  Secondary Electron Emission Measurements of Polymers   1995
McBride, Melanie  Plasma Characterization of Film Deposition Systems   1994
Redmon, James  Pion-nucleon Charge Exchange Scattering at Energies Near 10, 20, and 40 MeV   1994
Liang, Dong-Ming  Spatial Temporal Prediction Technique for Video Compression   1994
Celebi, Y. Gurkan  Electric Field Assisted Diffusion in Silicon   1994
Zhang, Xin  Deep Levels in II-VI Semiconductors Including Lattice Relaxation   1993
Bitransin, Mark  Spectroscopy of Even-Parity States of Molecular Hydrogen   1993
Aaron, William  Pulsed High-Voltage Bulk Breakdown in Vacuum   1993
Lin, Lin-I  Intramolecular Dynamics of Lyotropic Liquid Crystals: Theory And Experiment   1993
Solonenko, Mikhail  Spectroscopic Properties of Organic Dyes in X L PE   1993
Kerrick, Ginger  Infrared Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy   1993
Shen, Jin Miao  Characterization Of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Using The Constant Photocurrent Method   1992
Murdock, Russell  A Computer Interfaced Time-Resolved Luminescence Imaging System   1992
Micus, Peter  A Liquid Nitrogen-Cooled Vacuum System Used for Conductivity Measurements of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Thin Films   1991
Bailon, Leoncio   Theoretical Investigation of the Effect of Plasma Dynamics on the Switching Characteristics of Cesium Vapor Tacitrons  1991
Brooks, Brentley  Differential Cross Section Of Charge Transfer Reaction Involving Pion And Nucleon At Low Energy   1991
Hatab, Mustapha  Low-Energy Positron Scattering from Neon Atoms   1990
Zoledziowska, Dorthy  Laser-Excited Fluorescence Probes for Surface Flashover Studies of the Insulator Celcon   1990
Kher, Alok  Nonlinear Time Axis for Multi-Exponential Fitting of Luminescence Decay Times Over Several Orders of Magnitude   1990
Mathunjwa, Mduduzi  Solvent Viscosity Effects on the Fluorescence Lifetimes of 9-Phenylanthracene   1990
Collins, Sterrett  Use of Close Approach Probes for Gravitational Range Dependence Parameter Estimation   1990
Osterman, Gregory  Monte Carlo Simulation of Surface Charging Prior to Surface Flashover   1990
Zhu, Jian-Bai  Study On Interfacial Water   1990
Sankaran, Mytili  Vibrational Spectroscopy and Photoconductivity in Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon   1990
Luo, Zhouxing  EPR Studies of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon   1990
Mitchell, Keith  Time-Resolved Luminescence Imaging: Application to Latent Fingerprint Detection   1990
Jones, Bobby  Oxygen Thermal Donor Formation in CZ-Silicon   1990
Yang, Shilian  Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy and Uniaxial Stress System   1990
Palsule, Chintamante  Transient Photocurrent Decay In Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon   1989
Chu, Chong Hwan  LCAO-MO studies of neutral interstitial hydrogen in zincblende BN and BP  1989
Boerwinkle, Elise  Measurements of the Secondary Electron Emission from Dielectrics   1988
Giancana, Peter  The Effect of Parity and Isospin Mixing on the Nuclear Shape of 6Li   1988
Chen, Sun-Yung  Picosecond Pump-Probe Spectroscopic Study of Electronic Energy Relaxation in H-Aggregates of 1,1'-Diethyl-2,2'-Dicarbocyanine (Ddc) on Colloidal Silica   1988
Lin, Fey  Electrical Studies of Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Structures   1988
Smith, Robert  Effects of Thermal Annealing on the Electrical Breakdown of Thin Fatty Acid Films   1988
Hauenstein, Lowell  Theory of Optical Cross Sections of Deep Level Impurities in Covalent Semiconductors   1988
Liu, Mujian  An IAM Theory for Internal Rotation-Rotation Interactions in Partially Deuterated Molecules   1988
Trahan, Markhan  Reflection Characteristics at Large Incident Angles with Reference to Solar Bowls   1988
Wang, Chiou-Pirng  The Room Temperature Mossbauer Investigation of the Pseudobrookite System   1988
Hamilton, Robert  Meson Exchange Currents and the 6Li Charge Form Factor   1987
Miller, Nancy  Determination of Fluorescence Lifetime Distributions and Application to Human Blood Serum   1987
Kumar, Shanti  ESR Investigation of Spin Dynamics in Pseudobrookite  1987
Pleil, Matthias  Time Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy with a Fast Analog Technique   1987
Kwon, Myeunghoi  Muon Catalyzed Fusion Process   1987
Chan, Kwaichow  Localization and Local Motion of Muons in Antiferromagnetic Oxides   1986
Ho, Wei Hung  A Comparison of Simulation Methods with Finite Difference and Finite Element Methods for Solving Vlasov-Poisson Systems   1986
Jan, I-Yuan  Structural Transformations in the Nickel/Zinc Fluorotitanate System   1986
Lin, Tsai-Ku  Search for the Muon Stopping Sites in Rare Earth Orthoferrites by Dipolar Calculations   1986
Tidrow, Steven  Three Crystal Spectrometry of Copper K-Lines   1986
Baker, Mary  Secondary Electron Emission from Dielectrics   1985
Sinor, Timothy  Endpoint Detection for Silicon Wafer Etching   1985
Yimbo, Christopher  Mass Levels of Some Elementary Particles   1985
Chang, Tzyh-Lee  Contributions of the Small Amplitude Vibrations to the Effective Potential Energy for Internal Rotation in Partially Deuterated Methyl Alcohols   1984
Jiang, Chung  A Photo- Initiated Self-Sustaining State in Semi-Insulating GaAs   1984
Huang, Ching-Hsing  Electrical Characteristics of Thermally Evaporated Stearic Acid Flims   1984
Jordan, Kevin  Methane Detection by He-Ne Laser for Oil and Natural Gas Prospecting   1984
Shen, Jun  Theory of Electronic Spectra in Linear Quartenary Alloys   1984
Leiker, Gary  Design and Construction of a High Power Electron Gun   1984
Umerah, Gabriel  Influence of Meson Exchange Currents on the 4He Structure   1984
Wu, Hsueh-Mei  An NMR Study of Nickel Fluorotitanate   1984
Casey, Kelly  Structural Transformation Rates in Zinc-Doped Nickel Fluorotitanate   1983
Herod, David  A Spatially Resolved Spectrometer   1982
Yuan, Kai-Chin  Ellipsometric Studies of Surface Damage on Dielectrics   1981
Jackson, George  Ultraviolet radiation Damage to Dielectrics in Spark Gaps   1981
Neacsu, Michael  Electrodynamics of Spatially Stationary Objects   1981
Fang, Bo-Shung  The Investigation of Operation of MOSFET Transistors at Low Temperature   1980
Chu. Ron Fu  Absorption of Electromagnetic Radiation in the Far Infrared by Doped Silicon   1979
Green, Pamula  The Spin Dependence of Elastic Electron Scattering from Atomic Krypton   1979
Smith, Stanley  Elastic Constants of Copper from 290K to 4.2K   1979
Chumley, Randy  Electron Densities in Laser-Triggered Spark Gap Discharges   1979
Townsend, David  Elastic constants of Cu+2.3at A1 from 300 to 4.2 K   1979
Roberts, Debra Attenuation of Transverse Ultrasonic Waves in Superconducting Zinc   1978
Chaffin, Kenneth  A He3 – He4 Dilution Refrigerator System   1978
Yen, Yi-Yih  Effects of the Variations of the Nuclear Diffuseness and Range Parameters on the Stability of 126X184,228   1978
Austin, Truett  Attenuation of Ultrasonic Shear Waves in Superconducting Molybdenum   1976
Covington, Billy  An Infrared Study of Solid Phosphine   1975
Breashears, Eddie  Transverse-Ultrasonic Attenuation Determination Of The Energy Gap Between The Normal And Superconducting States of Zinc   1975
Hwa, Taiann  Study of Borrmann Effect in Silicon Crystals   1975
Lin, Amy Fung Anomalous x-ray diffraction at small angles   1974
Wood, Kathryn  Cluster Model Calculations for Photodisintegration of 6Li  1974
Bushell, Michael Stephen  A Method of Analyzing Spin Dependent Effects in Elastic Electron Scattering from Gaseous Targets   1973
McCullough, Donald Terrace  Construction of a 4-Pi Beta-Ray Spectrometer   1973
Myers, Calvin  Analysis of Zircon Concentration in Granite by X-Ray Fluorescence   1973
Armstrong, Bruce  Precision X-Ray Spectrometry at Low Temperatures   1972
Chen, Hua May Lin  X-Ray Study of the Transition of Amorphous Ni63 - Pd17 - Pd20 Alloy to a Crystalline State   1972
Cheng, Shih King  Precision X-Ray Spectroscopy in High Orders of Reflection   1972
Davis, John Michael  Semi-Classical Model of Neutron Structure   1972
Cress, Daniel H.  Interaction of Inversion with Other Vibrations in Normal and Deuterated Ammonias   1971
Dean, William K.  Correlations of Electron Spin Resonance and Optical Absorption Spectra of Yb3+ and Tm2+ in Fluorite Crystals   1971
Faulkner, Bobby Bain  Soft X-Ray Band Structures of Metals Using a Spherically Bent Crystal Spectrometer   1971
Mays, JR. Robert  Determination of Refractive Indices for Various Solids by the Method of Total Reflection of X-Rays   1971
Priest, John  Observation of Fine Structure of X-Ray Lines in Some Transition Elements   1971
Archer, Benjamin  Evaluation of the Calibration System of an Ebert-Fastie Spectograph   1970
Kunkel, Jeffrey Ray  The Low Temperature Specific Heat and Elastic Constants of CsI   1970
McClure, Cecil Alan  A New Method of X-Ray Spectroscopy Using Two Curved Crystals   1970
Robbin, Roger Alan  Design of a He3 Refrigerator and Its Application to the Measurement of the Specific Heat of CsBr   1970
Tomlinson, Robert Trueman  The Elastic Scattering of the Polarizable Nuclei   1970
Cleavelin, Cloves Rinn  Elastic Constants of LiBr from 300 to 4.2 K   1969
Landers, Melving Charles  Quadrupole Elastic Scattering by Polarized Nuclei   1969
O'Hara, Stephen Guy  Elastic Constants of the Alloy Copper Plus 0.3 Atomic Per Vent Gold from 4.2 to 300◦ K   1969
Walker, Gary  Internal Rotation in Asymmetric-Asymmetric Molecules – Gamma Dependence of the Zero-Point Vibrational Energy of Partially Deuterated Methyl Alcohol   1969
Wise, Floyd Allan  A Theoretical Study of the Optical Faraday Effect of (3d)5 Ions in Host Crystals   1969
Test, II, Howard Raeburn  The J = 0 -> 1 Rotational Transitions of The Partially Deuterated Methyl Alcohols   1968
Welch, Herbert  Precision X-Ray Spectroscopy with A Three Crystal Spectrometer  1968 
Arnold, Donald Jene  High Temperature Magnetic Susceptibilities of Platinum and Palladium Metals  1967 
Daniel, Donald Delmar  Gamma Decay of Rhenium 186   1967
Dorris, Gordon Gray  Elastic Constants of RbCl from 300 to 4.2 K   1967
Kramer, Paul Edward  The Inner Beta Spectrum of Re88   1967
Minor, James Marshall  Hylleraas Correlation in Two-Electron Spectra   1967
Randorff, Jack Edward  A Study of the Magnetic Properties of Ferrocyanides and Ferricyanides   1967
Schelgunov, Raymond Otto  Lattice Spectrum of the Face-Centered Cubic Lattice   1967
Seibt, Peter Joseph  Construction of An Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometer   1967
Almond, William  The Construction and Calibration of an Ebert Fastie Vacuum Spectograph   1966
LeMaster, Edwin  Separation of the Isotope of Neon by Thermal Diffusion   1966
Liu, Yi  Beta-Gamma Correlation with Resonance Fluorescence   1966
Moulder, Jerry  Calibration of a Scintillation Betta-Ray Spectrometer   1966
Smith , Alfred  Torsion Balance Measurements of the Magnetic Anisotropy of Vanadium Doped Al2O3   1966
Struve, Horton  The Disintegration Energy of Co57   1966
Varnell, Gilbert Lynn  A Study of the Diffraction of Microwaves by a Dielectric Straight Edge   1966
Waak, Benjamin Thomas  Betta-Ray Scintillation Spectrometer   1966
Palmer, Robert  Umklap Behavior in Silicon at Low Temperatures   1965
Weidmann, Frederick W.  Angular Correlation of Internal Bremsstrahlung in Rb 84   1965
Wheelock, John Robert  Linear Expansivity by Precision Incremental Capacitance Measurement   1965
Adams, James D.  A Method for Correction of Experimental Inner Bremsstrahlung Spectra   1964
Linder, Robert Earl   A Study of Diffraction of Light by a Dielectric Straight Edge  1964
Piott, Joseph Ernest  A Method of Measuring Linear Expansivity at Low Temperatures   1964
Walker, John David  An Investigation Into the Possibility of an Integral Solution to the Radial Schrodinger Equation   1964
Bowen, Max Lee  The 3-0 Vibration-Rotation Band of N15O   1962
Davis, JR., Earle  A Determination of the Branching Ratio of the 122 KEV to the 136 KEV Gamma-Ray Transitions in the Decay of Cobalt 57   1962
Gann, Jerry Dane  The Inner Bremsstrahlung Spectrum of Cobalt 57   1962
Hardcastle, Donald Lee  A Study on the Possible Binding of a Cascade Hyperon in a Nucleus   1962
Humphreys, Jimmy Curt  Self Diffusion in Fe 57 Using the Mössbauer Effect   1962
Risinger, Jr., Thaddeus  Search for Anomalous Thermal Conductivity in Copper  1962 
Boatner, Lynn  The Effective Range Approximation for Some Potential Wells with Well-Depth Parameters Less than Unity   1961
Griffin, Charles  The Internal Conversion Coefficient of the 14.4 KEV Transition of Co57   1961
Ihle, Jorge Capra  Observations on the Mössbauer Effect in Fe57   1961
Alldredge, Gerald  Sound Pressure Fields of Mach-Flattened Cylindrical and Spherical Dipole Vibrators  1960 
Mattison, Frankie Delane  A Determination of the L/K Capture Ration of T1 204 Using a Proportional X-Ray Spectrometer   1960
Mires, Raymond William  On the Theory and Measurement of the Power Spectrum of Stationary Processes  1960 
Sage, III, Frederic H.  Vibratory Motion of a Variable Mass   1960
Cole, Jame Jerome  A Determination of the L/K Capture Ratio of TI 204 Using a 4 Scintillation Spectrometer   1959
Hall, Roger Leland  The Production of  "Bound  Particles" by 2.3 BEV Protons   1955
Robinson, III, Joseph H.  Magnetic Moment of Free Electrons   1955
Ator, Joe Thomas  An Investigation of the Effect of Cosmic Ray Intensity of the Atmospheric Potential Gradient   1950
Ballew, Harold Wayne  A Study of the Possible Correlation of Cosmic Rays Intensity with Atmospheric Potential Gradient   1949
Gilmore, Earl Howard  Physical Constants as A Principal Means of Classifying Liquid Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen Compounds   1947
Orr, Rollin  A Study of the Geomagnetic Variations at Lubbock, Texas and Their Possible Relation to Other Natural Phenomena   1941
Day, James Wendell  An Experiment Analysis of Harmonic Distortion in Triodes   1938
Robertson, Florence  A Critical Study of the Variation in the Earth's Magnetic Field in West Texas   1936
Haymes, JR., Terrell Weatherford  A Study of the Atmospheric Potential Gradient at Lubbock, Texas   1935
Burkhalter, Allen Henry  A Study of the Variation of the Dielectric Constant of Air With Pressure   1934
Miller, Kinsey Taylor  Diurnal, Monthly and Irregular Variations in the Earth's Magnetic Field at Lubbock, Texas   1934
Houston, Charles E.  A Study of Certain Atmospheric Electric Phenomena Accompanying Sand Storms   1932