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Condensed Matter Physics


Condensed Matter Physics (CMP) seeks to understand the classical and quantum phases of matter that arise from the collective behavior of large numbers of particles. Traditionally, the discovery of new phenomena required access to new materials. Today, researchers in CMP design and fabricate artificial materials that display a wide array of exotic behavior that is not seen in nature. At TTU, research in CMP focuses on  quantum materials, quantum information, and quantum photonics. TTU has 9 research groups and NanoTech Center working at the frontiers of CMP.

CMP Seminar Series

Research Topics

Quantum Materials Research

  • Low Temperature Physics: Duncan
  • Computational Materials Physics: Sanati
  • Low-dimensional Quantum Systems: DeGottardi
  • Ultrafast Spectroscopy: Chatzakis
  • Infrared Magneto-transport: M. Kim
  • Transport & Emerging Energy Sciences: Duncan

Quantum Information & Photonics Research