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Bio Physics


TTU Bio Physics group is working on a variety of biological physics problems such as membrane cholesterol organizations, lipid rafts, protein folding, and cellular mechanics related with adhesion, microrheology, and motility. Our group has major fabrication, spectroscopy, imaging and computation facilities to study a multitude of biological systems ranging from single Alzheimer peptide, fingerprints, quantum dots, lipid superlattices, liposomes, organic functionalized mesoporous silica and cells.  

Our results will provide fundamental knowledge of the physics underlying the function-structure-dynamics relationship of cell membranes and proteins, neuroscience, protein aggregation diseases, heart diseases, ultra-sensitive chemical sensors and cellular mechanotransduction for modern tissue engineering. 

Currently, our group has several PhD students and undergraduate students.

Research Topics

  • Huang's Lab :: Biophysics of Lipid Membrane and Application
    • Cholesterol Functions;
    • Lipid-Protein Interactions;
    • Liposome Technology;
    • Computer Simulation of Biomembranes
    • Click here for the Dr. Huang's Lab

Biophysics Photos


Faculty Members


For a 200-ns simulation of all-atom simulations of PC/cholesterol nano-domains: animation file

For a 5-ns all-atom simulations of the unfolding of Alzheimer's beta amyloid protein on lipid nano-domains: animation file