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Week of April 3, 2023

Madey Baker

Hometown: Stanton, TX


This week's TA of the week is Madey Baker. 

Madey started out as a student in the inquiry sections of PHYS 1403 and 1404. She was an outstanding student who went on to become one of our Undergraduate Assistants (UGA). After graduation Madey entered the STEM MBA program. At the same time she also became a graduate TA for Dr. West in the inquiry sections.

As a TA Madey hasn't so much exceeded expectations as redefined and raised them. She goes out of her way to meet with students and help them inside and outside of class. When grading student homework papers, she writes notes to the students about what they got wrong. During the training meetings, Madey acts as a mentor to the UGAs. Finally, she doesn't hesitate to teach class if Dr. West has to step out to deal with a lab issue or be absent.

Congratulations, Madey!

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