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Ph.D. Dissertations

The Texas Tech Physics Department is committed to achieving important research while still providing a high quality of education for our students at the undergraduate and graduate level. The following are Ph.D. dissertations written by former graduate students of the Physics department at TTU. 
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Author Name Ph.D. Dissertation Title Date/Year
Karkash, Ahmed Theoretical Studies of Diffusion and Outgassing of Metallic Bulks, Surfaces, and Nanostructures 2024-05
Al Salmani, Fatema Rubric for Assessing Thinking Skills in Free-response Exam Problems 2023-08
Ho, Wai Hung Wave-Particle Interaction in Electro-static Plasma Turbulences 2023-05
Reddiger, Maik Towards a Probabilistic Foundation for Non-relativistic and Relativistic Quantum Theory 2022-12
Diaz Ill, Leopoldo First-Principles Study of Transition Metal Surfaces 2022-12
Ahmed, Ishtiaque Fabrication of Sub-50 nm-Scale Subwavelength Gratings for High-density Silicon Photonics Integration 2022-12
Balasubramanian, Arvind Radio Exploration of the Transient Sky: Binary Mergers and Peculiar Core-collapse Supernovae 2022-08
Kachiraju, Satya Silicon Carbide Phonon Polaritonic Metasurfaces for an Active Control of Mid-infrared Light 2022-08
Jafari, Ahmad Metal-insulator-metal Metasurfaces Encompassing Polar Dielectrics and Phase-change Materials 2022-08
Pichardo, Manuel Variability of Accreting White Dwarf Binaries and Other Compact Objects 2022-08
Colonna, Giammarco Rotational Modes of Relativistic Stars: Higher Order Equations 2022-08
Pattanyak, Milinda A study on the insulator-to-metal transition in undoped and tungsten doped vanadium dioxide devices for electronics applications 2022-05
Muthumuni, Samila Search for dark matter from baryon number violation process in proton-proton collisions at √s = 13 TeV 2021-12
Mengke, Tielige Search for dark matter in association with a hardronic top and bottom quark and characterization of the CMS HGCAL silicon sensor 2021-12
Wang, Zhixing (Tyler) Search for Resonance in Inclusive and B-tagged Dijet Mass Spectra in Proton-proton Collision at √s = 13 TeV and Constraints on Dark Matter and Other Models | iNSPIRE 2020-12
Rajbhandari, Binod First Search for Gravitational Waves from R-modes of the Crab Pulsar 2020-12
Lamichhane, Kamal Search for New Bosons in Gluon-Gluon and Vector Boson Fusion Processes at the LHC and Development of Silicon Module Assembly Techniques for the CMS High Granularity Calorimeter | iNSPIRE 2020-12
Sowell, Eric A cross-correlation search for GWs from long-lived magnetars with Advanced LIGO 2020-08
Patel, Jigesh Effects of anesthesia on cell membrane fluidity and supersaturation of sterols 2020-05
Farooq, Hira Scanning Diffracted-Light Microscopy SDLM 2020-05
Duygu, Ceren Uzun Optical, thermal, and crystallization characteristics of metallic glasses 2020-05
Bennet, Paul Detecting low surface brightness dwarfs in the big data era 2020-05
Arur, Kavitha Black hole binaries in our galaxy: Understanding their population and rapid X-ray variability 2020-05
Siddique, Sumera Fabrication and study of electrochemical, mechanical & tribological properties of Al alloys coatings by cold spraying 2019-12
Andrews, Keller Growth, Characterization, and Applications of Vanadium Dioxide Thin Films 2019-08
Skinner-Ramos, Sueli Del Carmen Toward phase-imaging optical nanoscopes 2019-05
Holcomb, Michael Coordination of ventral furrow formation during Drosophila gastrulation through mechanical stress feedback 2019-05
Gordienko, Alexandra A comprehensive study of the growth of TiO2 via pulsed-laser deposition: Annealing effects and substrate-film interface physics 2019-05
Alghasham, Hawra Phase Recovery Thermal Imaging  2019-05
Alsalmi, Omar First-Principles Study of the Binary Ti-Al Phase Diagram at High Temperature  2019-05
Xue, Dong First principles study of some Si-based Type-II Clathrate materials 2018-08
Mao, Yu Molecular dynamic simulation of multi-component lipid bilayers using multi-scale computing techniques 2018-08
Alotaibi,Maged Laser-based Dual-space Microscopy 2018-05
Stanley, Christopher Heat flow and Kapitza resistance across a Si|SiO2 interface: A first principles study 2018-05
Undleeb, Sonaina Search for Non-thermal Dark Matter in Monojet Events in Proton-Proton Collisions at √s = 13 TeV 2017-12
Desai, Darshan Novel techniques of optical detection and observation of periodic crystals 2016-12
Faulkner, James A search for WWγ and WZγ triboson production and anomalous quartic gauge couplings at √s = 8 and 13 TeV within the compact muon solenoid
Sen, Sanchari Electronically controlled hemi-spherical condensers
Bebek, Bahadir Heat flow in Si nanowires containing delta-layers
Karaoglan-Bebek, Gulten Optical properties of doped and undoped Vanadium dioxide thin films on Sapphire substrate at near-infrared and terahertz frequencies
Halverson, Thomas Exact quantum dynamics calculations of large dimensional molecules using phase space basis truncation
Baker, Brittany Charged muonium diffusion in indium oxide and other transparent conducting oxides
Libeiro, Terence Measurement of inclusive jet production at sqrt(s) = 2.76 TeV with the CMS detector and calibration of FFTJet algorithm
Dominguez, Daniel  Next-generation optical microscope condensers
Baykal-Caglar, Eda Effects of Hybrid Lipids on the Biophysical and Biochemical Properties of Lipid Raft Domains: A Microscopy Study of Phase-Separated Giant Unilamellar Vesicles 2014-08
Caglar, Mehmet Umut  Stochastic modeling and simulation of biological systems
Sohal, Sandeep Optical Properties of Rare-Earth Doped YBO3 Phosphor Materials 2014-08
Mengyan, Patrick  Magnetism in Mn-doped chalcopyrites
Kovitanggoon, Kittikul  Study of jets production association with a Z boson in pp collision at 7 and 8 TeV with the CMS detector
Balyimez, Serkan  Maximum solubilities of sterols and cholesterol induced domain formation in lipid membranes
Hassan-Zadeh, Ebrahim  Modification of membrane domain structure and function by membrane proteins
Kang, Byungkyun  Thermal conductivity of small Si nanowires: An atomistic look at the impact of defects
Nazari, Mohammad  Vibrational and optical properties of vanadium dioxide
Qiu, Liming  Experimental and computation study of protein interactions with lipid nanodomains
Alwarawrah, Mohammad  Study of lipid raft domains using computer simulation techniques
Gibbons, Michael  Thermal conductivity of silicon nanostructures containing impurities
Ajimo, Jacob  Study of Surface Plasmon Polariton propagation, interference and diffraction using Plasmon tomography
Jeong, Chiyoung New Physics Search in Dijet Mass Spectrum with Compact Muon Solenoid
Roh,  Youn Jung Measurement of the Forward-Backward Asymmetry in Gamma/Z boson to Dilepton Events in Compact Muon Solenoid at a Center-of-mass Energy of 7 TeV
Dai, Jian  A comprehensive study of cholesterol in biomembranes using computer simulations
Mccuin, John  Measuring the effect of misconceptions instruction on the acquisition of fundamental physics concepts involved in the greenhouse effect
Como, John  A Europium Complex Doped Silica Sol-Gel Thin Film for Detection of Trace Organophosphate Vapor
Backlund, Daniel Transition Metal Impurities in Silicon: A Theoretical Study 2010-08
Carroll, Brent Ross Muonium in Silicon Germanium Alloys 2010-08
Carrell, Kenneth Red Clump Stars in the Sagittarius Tidal Streams 2009-12
Nenghabi, Emmanuel First Principles Study of the Properties of Si-Ge Clathrate Alloys (TTU awarded him a posthumous Ph.D) 2009-05
Gumus, Kazim Z Search for new physics in the compact muon solenoid (CMS) experiment and the response of the CMS calorimeters to particles and jets
Powell Jr., William Lee Tidal streams in the Milky Way: an observational study
Song, Daoying Phonons and optical properties of III-nitride semiconductors 2007-08
Biswas, Koushik Theoretical investigation of type II clathrate materials  2007-08
Tian, Lu Fabrication and optical characterization of nanostructures on semiconductor materials 2007-05
Bani-Salameh, Hisham Nahar Muonium defect centers in aluminum nitride and silicon carbide 2007-05
Ali, Md Rejwan Cholesterol-induced domain formation in multi-component lipid membranes 2006-12
Diaz, Abel B. Dynamic and spatial properties of satellites in isolated galactic systems 2006.12
West, Damien First-principles calculations of vibrational lifetimes in silicon 2006-08
Lombardini, Richard Luzi Rovibrational spectroscopy calculations using a Weyl-Heisenberg wavelet basis and classical phase space truncation 2006-08
Ahmad, Iftikar Study of Self-Heating in GaN/AIGaN, Heterostructure FET Using Visible and Ultra-violet Micro-Raman Spectroscopy 2005-05
Cannon, Brian Lynn Spectroscopic characterization of ordered nanodomains in self-assembling, fluid lipid bilayers 2005-05
Oomman, Sowmini K Non-apoptotic expression of active caspase-3 during rat cerebellar development 2004
Kambour, Kenneth E A theory of lock-on and electrical breakdown 2003-12
Chen, Xupeng Investigation of a high-power virtual cathode oscillator 2003-12
Bouldin, Kimberly Kay Latent Fingerprint and trace explosives detection by photoluminescence and time-resolved imaging 2003-05
Lahlouh, Bashar Ibrahim Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of low dielectric constant materials 2003-05
Lobban, Olga B Hadronic vector boson decay and the art of calorimeter calibration 2002-12
Gharaibeh, Maen A Molecular dynamic simulations of self-interstitials in silicon 2002-05
Harris, William Jackson A study of cathode erosion in high power arcjets 2002-05
Nichols, Patrick Jay Positron molecule scattering 2002-05
Cardenas, Richard L Calibration and conformational studies in radiation dosimetry using polymer gel dosimeters 2001-05
Seon, Moonsuk Raman studies of heavily carbon doped GaAs 1999-08
Celebi, Yasar Gurkan Copper diffusion in silicon 1998-08
Kang, Samsoo Simulation of high field transport in photoconductive semiconductor switches 1998-05
Naseirat, Mutazz Pion double charge exchange reaction mechanisms 1998-05
Sauncy, Toni D Photoluminescence studies of (100)-and (111)-grown indium gallium arsenide strained single quantum wells under hydrostatic pressure 1998-05
Young, Douglas Talmadge Microwave emission in a plasma filled nonuniform backward wave oscillator 1998-05
Liu, Lin-I Time-resolved fluorescence studies of dye-polymers as excited by laser and beta-radiation 1997-12
Liu, Shixi Deposition, characterization, and device application of amorphous carbon and amorphous silicon films 1997-05
Dallas, Timothy E. John Structural phases of disordered carbon materials 1996-08
Lin, Tao Detection of latent fingerprints on counterfeit currency 1996-12
McCuistian, Brian Trent Charge injection threshold in Lexan and Acrylite 1996-12
Elghossain, Maher Omar Pion double charge exchange formalism 1996-05
Khan, Shamim Akhter Nuclear charge form factors of helium isotopes with configuration mixing 1996-05
Yi, Seung-Ho Recombination and transport in hydrogenated amorphous silicon 1996-05
Shen, Jin Miao Characterization of fluorinated hydrogenated amorphous silicon nitride alloys 1995-08
Park, Young K. Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Defect Formation in Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon 1994-12
Yoon, Sang-Il Photoexcitation and Predissociation of Singlet Ungerade Rydberg States of Molecular Hydrogen 1994-08
Luo, Ningyi Daniel Dual femtosecond ti: sapphire laser for ultrafast optical sampling two-color pump/probe studies 1994-05
Adams, Terry R. Muon-Oxygen Interactions in Rare-Earth Barium Cuprates 1994-05
Qin, Ke-Qi Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Molecular Hydrogen in an External Electric Field 1994-05
Pleil, Matthias Werner Time-correlated single photon studies of hydrogenated amorphous silicon carbon 1993-12
Roberson, Mark A. Light interstitials and their interactions in semiconductors 1993-12
Yang, Shilian The symmetry and thermal activation energy of the EL2 defect center in gallium arsenide 1993-12
Palsule, Chintamani P Photoluminescence studies in hydrogenated amorphous silicon and its alloys 1998-08
Adamson, Elise Rene Boerwinkle Secondary electron emission coefficient from lexan: the low energy crossover 1993-05
Linzey, William George The Surface Resistivity and Charging of Lexan 1992-12
Wu, Fang-ming XLPE (cross-linked) polyethylene lifetime detection 1992-12
Mekkaoui-Alaoui, Ismail Optical Spectroscopic Properties of Europium, Terbium--Ruhemann'S Purple Complexes:Time-Resolved Luminescence Imaging and Applications 1992-05
Abakor, Abdirahman Hadron-Quark Hybrid Model and the Structure of Light Nuclei 1991-12
Chen, Sun-yung Molecular dynamics of lyotropic liquid crystals: a time-resolved fluorescence study 1991-12
Buckner, Spencer Lewis Electrical and optical properties of organic thin films 1991-08
Kwon, Kihong Equation of motion using fractional calculus 1991-08
Li, Wei-gang Effects of lattice relaxation on deep levels in semiconductors 1991-05
Kwon, Myeunghoi Refinements of a New Balance for Measuring Small Force Changes 1990-12
Wang, Chiou-pirng Mossbauer spectroscopy of an insulating spin-glass 1990-12
Acton, Daniel Scott Real-time solar imaging with a 19-segment active mirror system: a study of the standard atmospheric turbulence model 1990-08
Koo, Yeon Deog X-ray lines close to KLL auger electron energies from Fe, Co, Ni, and Cu monocrystals 1990-08
Ekpenuma, Sylvester Nwabuzor Electronic properties and microhardness of semiconductor alloys 1990-05
Chang, Tzyh-lee Studies of solvent effects on rotational isomerization and rotational diffusion for dyes in solutions 1989-12
Smith, John Drew The effects of the insulator surface roughness on the surface flashover voltage of lucite, lexan, and celcon 1989-12
Casey, Kelly G. Studies of Solvent – Solute Interactions in the Photophysics of Dyes 1988-12
Liu, Mujian Application of an IAM theory of internal rotation to the analysis and prediction of torsional-rotational spectra for selected molecules with partially deuterated methyl groups 1989-08
Chan, Kwaichow Muon sites in transition-metal oxides 1988-08
Gregg, Jeffrey Robert Electronic properties of III-V semiconductor alloys 1988-05
Leiker, Gary R Coating properties which increase the vacuum flashover strength of insulators 1988-05
Snyder, Mark E, Determination of the unstable states of the solid state plasma in semiconductor devices 1988-05
Lin, Tsai-ku Defect model for the electronic conduction and breakdown in dielectric thin films 1987-12
Mawanda-Kibuule, Paschal Gate voltage propagation delay in power MOSFETs 1987-12
Guan, Yuhua Curvilinear coordinate formulation for vibration-rotation-large amplitude internal motion interactions 1986-08
Ford, William Clifford Theory of alloy broadening of deep electronic energy levels in ternary semiconductor alloys 1986-05
Shen, Yu-tang Chemical trends for deep levels associated with vacancy-impurity complexes in semiconductors 1986-05
Jackson, George L Pulsed flashover of solid dielectrics in vacuum and gases 1983-12
Cheng, Shih King Study of metal films by the method of total reflection of x-rays 1980-05
Breashears, Eddie Hearl Ultrasonic surface waves on bulk superconducting zinc 1978-08
Covington, Billy Charles A far infrared study of transmutation-doped germanium using fourier transform spectroscopy 1978-05
Bailey, Wayne Elbert Attenuation of elastic surface waves in thin films of superconducting zinc 1978-05
Davis, Earle Cale A theoretical study of inertial confinement: model development and analyses of laser induced fusion by implosion of D-T pellets 1977-12
Ray, Asok Kumar Radial-moment analysis for muonic x-rays 1977-12
Walker, Gary Lee Magnetic susceptibility and infrared spectra of cerium in SrFb2s, CaFb2s, and SrClb2s 1977-12
Cress, Daniel Hugg Vibrational analysis of molecules undergoing large amplitude internal motions 1974-08
Schmidt, Ronald E Microwave spectroscopic studies of ethyl mercaptan 1974-05
Robbins, Roger Alan Ultrasonic attenuation in superconducting cadmium 1973-08
Khan, Mazahir Hasan Muonic x-rays and equivalent radius of nuclear charge distribution 1973-08
Cleavelin, Cloves Rinn Ultrasonic-attenuation determination of the anisotropic energy gap in superconducting zinc 1973-05
Potter, Franklin Gregory Soft x-ray spectra of aluminum in aluminum-nickel alloys 1973-05
O'Hara, Stephen Guy Ultrasonic attenuation in superconducting molybdenum 1972-12
Almond, William H. Infrared Analysis of Non-Degenerate Symmetric Stretch Vibration of Methyl Alcohol 1972-08
Seibt, Peter Joseph Microwave-microwave double resonance studies of some rotational transitions in ethyl alcohol 1972-05
Waak, Benjamin Thomas Nuclear systematics and momentum-dependent potential 1972-05
Struve, Horton An Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Fragmented 2 plf Single Particle States in Sc49 1972-05
Miller, Ronald Eugene Studies of deuterated potassium chrome alum 1971-05
Shah, Saiyid Masroor Observation of fine structures in the k-alpha x-ray lines of chromium and cobalt 1970-08
Randorff, Jack Edward Ultrasonic attenuation studies in super-conducting lead 1970-08
Parish, Randell Mel Singlet-triplet mixing in the spectra of excited helium-like ions 1970-05
Arnold, Donald Jene Magnetic susceptibilities of titanium and vanadium in corundum structures 1970-05
Smith, Alfred Richard Anisotropic magnetic susceptibilities of vanadium and titanium ions in corundum 1970-05
Knopp, John Virgil Selected problems in the theory of internal rotation in completely asymmetric molecules 1969-05
Minor, James Marshall Two-electron correlation effects in Hartree-Fock atomic systems 1969-05
Welch, Herbert Eugene X-ray line width measurements with a three-crystal spectrometer 1969-05
Varnell, Gilbert Lynn Hindered internal rotation fine structure of the 3 micron vibration-rotation spectra of CH3S 1968-08