Texas Tech University

Anthony B. Kaye, Ph.D

Associate Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Email: anthony.kaye@ttu.edu

Phone: (806) 834-8571

Office: 003 Science Building

Ph.D. Astronomy, Georgia State University (1998)

M.Sc. Physics, Georgia State University (1996)

B.Sc. Physics and Astronomy, Vanderbilt University (1995)

Anthony B. Kaye

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  • Research Interests

    Our group studies the production, characterization, and behavior of thin metal-oxide films:

    • Studying the physics of phase-changing materials, especially when they are combined with lanthanides, transition metals, or noble metals with the goals of both (a) understanding the underlying science behind these materials, and (b) to transition basic science into useful and deployable tools. This research encompasses a wide range of specific topics including the optical properties of metal oxides, nanophotonics, and metamaterials.
    • Studying the physics of thin-film growth by various techniques; developing instrumentation to characterize thin films

    We are always looking for new, excited students to work with us!

    Key Publications

    • Siller, V., Andrews, K. and Kaye, A.B. 2017, "The Effects of Plasma Etching on the Production of Thin Metal Films" Thin Solid Films, in press
    • Andrews, K. and Kaye, A.B.  2015, "Optimized Procedure for Sol-Gel Production of La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 Thin Films" J. Sol-Gel Sci. Tech., 76(2), 372
    • Ferrara, D.W., MacQuarrie, E.R., Diez-Blanco, V., Nag, J., Kaye, A.B., and Haglund, R.F., 2012, "Plasmonic enhancement of the vanadium dioxide phase transition induced by low-power laser irradiation" Applied Physics A, 108, 255
    • Ferrara, D.W., MacQuarrie, E.R., Nag, J., Kaye, A.B., and Haglund, R.F., 2011, "Plasmon-enhanced low-intensity laser switching of gold::vanadium dioxide nanocomposites", Applied Physics Letters, 98, 241112
    • Ferrara, Davon W., Nag, Joyeeta, MacQuarrie, Evan R., Kaye, A.B., and Haglund Jr., Richard F. 2013, "Plasmonic Probe of the Semiconductor to Metal Phase Transition in Vanadium Dioxide" Nano Letters, 13, 4169
    • Kaye, A.B., Handler, G., Krisciunas, K., Poretti, E., and Zerbi, F.M., 1999, "gamma Doradus stars: defining a new class of pulsating variables" Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 111, 840
    • Guzik, J.A., Kaye, A.B., Bradley, P.A., Cox, A.N., and Neuforge, C., 2000, "Driving the pulsations in gamma Doradus variables", Letters of the Astrophysical Journal, 542, 57