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Colloquia - Spring 2024

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Date Speaker Affiliation Title Topic* Host
1/16 I.Chatzakis TTU  Intro - PHYS 5101 Student Only   PHAS
1/30 Ruibin Liang TTU Understanding the photochemical reactions in biomolecules through multiscale simulations BIO J. Huang
2/6     The seminar is canceled    
2/8 Christopher Madrid Fermilab Dark matter and Advanced Detectors HEP N. Akchurin
2/13 Yongbin Feng Fermilab Pushing the Precision Boundary of the Standard Model with Modern Tools HEP N. Akchurin
2/15 Ben Carlson Westmont College Beyond the Higgs boson: looking for dark matter in Higgs boson decays HEP N. Akchurin
2/20  Jennet Dickinson Fermilab Higgs Boson with a boost HEP N. Akchurin
2/22 Saptaparna Bhattacharya Wayne State University The road to precision: Stress-testing the standard model of Particle Physics HEP N. Akchurin
2/27 Ivan Polyakov CERN (Exotic) Hadron Spectroscopy and its Future HEP N. Akchurin
2/29 Vinay Hegde TTU Searches for new particles and detectors for future experiments  HEP N. Akchurin
3/5 Tingting Liu West Virginia University Cosmic Song and Dance: Probing Supermassive Black Hole Binaries with Electromagnetic and Gravitational-wave Observations AST T. Maccarone
3/12 SPRING BREAK - - - -
3/19 Elias Aydi Michgan State University New Insights Into Novae AST T. Maccarone
3/26 - - - - -
4/2 E. Wertz Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Plasmonic Nanoantennas for efficient Single-Photon Emission CMP I. Chatzakis
4/9 Dawn Meredith University of New Hampshire Scaffolding student mechanistic reasoning about static and dynamic liquids PER B. Thacker
4/16 Ludi Miao New Mexico State Univ. TBA CMP Y. S. Eo
4/23 Sabruna Rita Maria NASA A year (and more) of Astrophysics with NASA's James Webb Space Telescope  AST A. Corsi
4/30 Amruta Jaodand CFA TBA AST S. Lee
5/7 Humberto Torrens RPI TBA CMP I. Chatzakis

*AST: Astronomy and Astrophysics, BIO: Biophysics, CMP: Condensed Matter Physics, HEP: High Energy Physics, PER: Physics Education Research, QIS: Quantum Information Science, AMO: Atomic Molecular & Optical Physics, GEO: Geosciences, AI: Artificial Intelligence 

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