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Colloquia - Spring 2023

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Date Speaker Affiliation Title Topic* Host
1/17(T) F2F I.Chatzakis TTU  Intro - PHYS 5101 Student Only   PHAS



1/31(T) F2F  Andrew Whitbeck TTU Can Apparent Coincidences Reveal the Secrets of the Universe? HEP S. Lee
2/07(T)F2F   Massimo Marrego Florida State University Unveiling the Secret History of Dwarf Galaxies by Surveying their Pulsating Stars AST V. Antoniou
2/14(T) F2F  Ioannis Chatzakis TTU Ultrafast phenomena in quantum materials CMP S. Lee
2/21(T)F2F  Myoung-Hwan Kim TTU Tailored Infrared Surface Waves – A Novel Probe for Investigating Weyl Magnets CMP S. Lee
2/28(T) F2F  Elena Gallo University of Michigan Massive black holes in nearby dwarf galaxies AST T. Maccarone
3/7(T) F2F  Kunori Shuichi TTU The (Un)reasonable Effectiveness of Neural Network in Cherenkov Calorimetry HEP S. Lee
3/14(T)F2F Spring break - - - -
3/21(T) F2F  Arfin Lohdi TTU Bc absorption by co-moving hadrons in Quark-Gluon Plasma HEP S. Lee
3/28(T) F2F  Paola Barbara Georgetown University Sensing with Nanomaterials CMP I. Chatzakis
4/4(T) F2F Ilias Perakis The University of Alabama at Bermingham  Imaging of Light-Controlled Superconductivity using THz Multi-dimensional CMP I. Chatzakis
4/11(T) F2F  Maria Salatino Stanford University Instrumentation for the Cosmic Microwave Background (and beyond) AST A. Corsi
4/19(W) F2F Tony F. Heinz Stanford University Seeing Electrons in Two Dimensions Using Light   CMP I. Chatzakis
4/25(T) F2F Emmanouil Kioupakis University of Michigan From Electrons to Devices: How Predictive Modeling of Quantum Processes is Paving the Way to Novel Semiconductor Technologies CMP I. Chatzakis
5/02(T)F2F  Cnceled - - - -

*AST: Astronomy and Astrophysics, BIO: Biophysics, CMP: Condensed Matter Physics, HEP: High Energy Physics, PER: Physics Education Research, QIS: Quantum Information Science, AMO: Atomic Molecular & Optical Physics, GEO: Geosciences, AI: Artificial Intelligence 

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