Texas Tech University

Colloquia - Fall 2019

0-T 08/27/19 Keith West TTU Graduate students only intro  
1-T 09/3/19 Rob Duncan TTU Cosmology and the Superfluid Transition in He-4 Maccarone
2-T 9/10/19  Cancelled      
3-T 9/17/19  Asheley Landrum TTU Media and Communication  Explaining the Flat Earth Phenomenon Using the Science of Science Communication  Maccarone
4-T 9/24/19 Jodi Cooley Southern Methodist Whispers in the Dark: Searching for Dark Matter with the SuperCDMS Experiment Maccarone
5-T 10/1/19 Eugenia Etkina Rutgers Investigative Science Learning Environment: Can Students Learn Science by Practicing It? Thacker
6-T 10/8/19 Rusty Towell Abilene Christian Research and Development of a University Molten Salt Research and Test Reactor  Duncan
7-T 10/15/19 Kyoungchul Kong Kansas Mathematics, Particle Physics & Machine Learning Lee
8-T 10/22/19 No colloquium APS Meeting    
9-T 10/29/19 Mustafa Amin Rice A Gap in our Cosmic History: Nonlinear Dynamics after Inflation Owen
10-T 11/5/19  Mini Das  Houston New Frontiers in Spectral X-Ray Imaging and Image Science  Whitbeck
11-T 11/12/19  Matthew Toups  Fermilab Tracing the Neutrino with Liquid Argon Detector Technology Wigmans
11-F 11/15/19 Xiaodi Wu Maryland CS Toward End-to-End Quantum Applications De Farias
12-T 11/19/19 Ben Jones UT Arlington The Search for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Wigmans
13-T 11/26/19 No colloquium Thanksgiving Week    
14-T 12/3/19 Nicole Lloyd-Ronning Los Alamos What Do We Really Know About Gamma-ray Burst Progenitors? Corsi

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