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Colloquia - Fall 2022

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Date Speaker Affiliation Title Topic* Host
8/30(T) F2F Chatzakis TTU  Intro - PHYS 5101 Student Only   PHAS
9/6(T) Online

Kenichi Hatakeyama


Baylor Univ. Boosting searches for new physics at the Large Hadron Collider  HEP  A.Whitbeck
9/13(T) F2F Tyson Littenburg NASA Surveying the millihertz gravitational wave sky with LISA AST T. Kupfer
9/20(T)F2F  Adam Dunkelberger Naval Reserch Laboratory Transient studies of vibration-cavity polaritons CMP I. Chatzakis
9/27(T) F2F Jakie Chini Central Florida Univ. Supporting Variation in Students' Needs, Abilities and Interests in Postsecondary STEM Courses  PER B. Thacker
10/04(T)F2F  Arianna Renzini Caltech

Detecting a stochastic gravitational-wave background with LIGO-Virgo-Kagra: are we there yet?

AST J. Romano
10/11(T) F2F Aiping Chen Los Alamos National Laboratory Design of Emergent Devices for Neuromorphic Computing CMP M. Kim
10/18(T) F2F Davide Lazzati Oregon State Univ.

Gamma ray bursts in active galactic nuclei: what to expect and what they could explain

AST Corsi
10/25(T)F2F Luis Grave-De-Peralta TTU The non-relativistic approach to relativistic quantum mechanics CMP I. Chatzakis
11/01(T) F2F Chaspari Theodora Texas A&M Trustworthy artificial intelligence to augment human cognition and learning AI

I. Chatzakis

11/08(T) F2F Jorge Morales TTU Recent Advances in the Electron Nuclear Dynamics Method: From Abstract Quantum Dynamics Theory to Applications in Ion Cancer Therapy QIS I. Chatzakis
11/15(T) F2F John Alison Carnegie Mellon Univ.

Physics at the LHC: Why and How to go Beyond the Higgs Discovery

HEP A. Whitbeck
11/22(T) F2F  Thanksgiving  No colloquium      -      -         -
11/29(T) F2F Edward Quintevis TTU Optical Kerr Effect Spectroscopy of Liquids - Probing Liquid-State Dynamics from Simple Liquids to Complex Fluids CMP I. Chatzakis
12/06(T) F2F John Thomson University of Maine The role of mathematics is central in physics: in instruction, problem solving, and professional practice PER B. Thacker

*AST: Astronomy and Astrophysics, BIO: Biophysics, CMP: Condensed Matter Physics, HEP: High Energy Physics, PER: Physics Education Research, QIS: Quantum Information Science, AMO: Atomic Molecular & Optical Physics, GEO: Geosciences, AI: Artificial Intelligence 

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