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Colloquia - Fall 2023

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Date Speaker Affiliation Title Topic* Host
8/29(T) F2F I.Chatzakis TTU  Intro - PHYS 5101 Student Only   PHAS

Trevor D. Rhone

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute AI guided materials discovery of two-dimensional magnets CMP Chatzakis
9/12 F2F Martini Paul OSU Cosmology with the Lyman Alpha Forest AST M. Fausnaugh
9/19 F2F  Zeb Rocklin Georgia Institute of Techchnology  Fundamental Principles of Flexible Structures.  CMP W. DeGottardi
9/26 F2F TBA TBA TBD    
10/3 F2F  Scott Ransom NRAO National Radio Astronomy Observatory / Univ. of Virginia  AST B. Owen

10/10 F2F

Breese Quinn University of Mississippi Latest Results from the Fermilab Muon g-2 Experiment HEP I. Volobouev

10/17 F2F

Nichol John University of Rochester Quantum computing with electron spins in semiconductors CMP W. DeGottardi
10/24 F2F Sheung Janet Claremont McKenna College Motor-driven advection competes with crowding to drive spatiotemporally heterogeneous transport in cytoskeleton composites CMP W. DeGottardi

10/31 F2F

Eric Kuo University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Problem-solving isn't just solving for x: Developing coherence, insight, and understanding PER B. Thacker
11/7 F2F Lopez-Bezanilla Alejandro Los Alamos Frustrated Magnetism with Quantum Annealers CMP W. DeGottardi
 11/14 F2F Mathew Evans MIT Gravitational Waves: Sources and Next-Gen Observatories AST A. Corsi
11/28 F2F  MacKenzie Stetzer The University of Maine Leveraging dual-process theories of reasoning to investigate and support student reasoning in physics. PER B. Thacker
12/5 F2F  Onur Erten ASU Exploring emergent phases in moir ́e magnets: fractionalization, frag- mentation and new particles CMP Y.S. Eo
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*AST: Astronomy and Astrophysics, BIO: Biophysics, CMP: Condensed Matter Physics, HEP: High Energy Physics, PER: Physics Education Research, QIS: Quantum Information Science, AMO: Atomic Molecular & Optical Physics, GEO: Geosciences, AI: Artificial Intelligence 

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