Texas Tech University

Thank You Letters for Scholarships

Scholarship Thank You Letter Guidelines 

Individuals donate money for scholarships in order to make a difference in the life of a student. Their primary satisfaction is the knowledge of how their contribution will help the recipient. Below are some general guidelines to help you write a thank you letter that will be mailed to the donor after being processed in the scholarship office. Once you have composed your letter, type directly into the online submission portal on the Double T Dashboard.

What do I Say in my Letter?

Tell the donor about yourself

  • Hometown
  • Family Background & Information
  • High school and other experiences that led you to choose Texas Tech

Tell about your present situation

  • Classification and major at Texas Tech
  • Things you enjoy or anticipate about college
  • Organizations in which you participate or plan to participate

Tell about your future plans

  • What you hope to accomplish while at Texas Tech
  • Future career plans

Tell how the scholarship has helped you

Where do I Submit my Letter?


Double T Dashboard

Financial Aid and Scholarships documents are submitted on the NEW Double T Dashboard. Additional requirements for which could include verification and satisfactory academic progress can also be viewed on the Double T Dashboard.


Additional Things to Remember:

  • Make sure your letter is at least 350 words.
  • You can compose your letter as a Microsoft Word document, then paste it into the online template.
  • SIGN YOUR LETTER! Insert a jpeg digital image of your signature into the document.
  • Make sure you use proper grammar and correct spelling. (You communicate your intelligence through your letter and how well you use grammar, punctuation, and spelling.)
  • You may choose to include your address or email so the donor may write you back if he or she chooses.

Thank you and Congratulations on your scholarship!