Texas Tech University

Step Up to the Plate


What To Expect

Welcome to the Big Leagues!  You have prepared for this since the beginning of high school. It will be the beginning of your life as a young adult: instead of reporting in to your parents every day, you will make the decision as to when you study and when you will socialize. This is your first taste of freedom. But wait........

Am I going to like it here?
Am I going to be happy?
Who will my friends be?
Will I be able to handle living in a 10 x 16 foot box with a stranger?
Most of all, will I be able to 'make the most of my college experience' – whatever that means??

No matter how many books you read or advisors you talk to, the only way to really understand what college is going to be like is to experience it firsthand. However, we still want to help you make choices that will lead you to a successful college career.

Here are some things to know to get you off to a great start before the year even begins. 

High School vs College

Texas Tech University provides you with a much difference educational experience than your high school. Texas Tech is an outstanding institution that will challenge you to grow as an individual. Here are some of the differences between your high school and Texas Tech that you can expect to experience.

High School Texas Tech

Class size averages 30 students

Classes range in size from 10-400 students

Teachers constantly remind you of homework and tests

Professors provide you with a syllabus on the first day of class. It is your responsibility to keep up.

Live with immediate family at home

Live with almost 500 other Red Raiders in residence halls

Small campus with a few buildings

157 buildings spread over 1,839 acres

Sports teams play cross-town rivals

Big 12 Sports with teams from 5 states

You live in your hometown

Welcome to Lubbock, Texas!

High School had a few student organizations

Over 450 different student organizations to join... you can create your own, too!

Others helped you make decisions 

You decide on what you do and when you do it

Know a majority of your classmates

One of over 35,000 Red Raiders

Friday Night Football

Saturday game day at Jones AT&T Stadium with thousands of other Red Raider fans- Guns Up!


If you're like many students, college will be the first time you share your living space with someone other than family. While having a roommate inevitably has its challenges, it can also be a great part of your college experience.

Here are some of the things you can expect:

  • Company: Your roommate is new to college too, so you can learn how to navigate campus life together.
  • Support: It's nice to have someone who can wake you when you sleep through your alarm or bring you soup when you're sick.
  • New perspectives: Your roommate might introduce you to a different culture or new points of view.
  • Shared activities and interests: You may have a roommate who likes to do the same things as you.
  • Lack of privacy: You may not have the privacy you're used to and may have to seek out places - like the library - to get it.
  • Lifestyle differences: If your roommate's habits, personality or schedule are very different from yours, it can be hard to adjust to living together.

Living harmoniously with someone requires communicating, compromising and respecting differences. And mastering these life skills may be the most valuable lessons you'll learn outside the classroom-


Making the transition from high school to college can be a little daunting—especially when you think about the classroom, where much will be expected of you. Thankfully, the professors standing in front of your classes aren't just talking heads—they're ready to help you succeed, if you're willing to ask.

Here are two articles (written by Texas Tech students) that can help you learn the unwritten rules of the academic game.