Transfer Connection

Transfer Connection

In order to assist you with your transition, the Transfer Connection is a collaborative collection of programs and services that will provide you opportunities to create connections with students, faculty, and staff, and to the university community you now call home.

How will the Transfer Connection help me?

While this isn't your first collegiate experience, this is your first year at Texas Tech, and we want to make you feel welcome and help you through your journey in higher education. Consider the Transfer Connection as a way to get to know your new home.

Recent studies show that transfer students experience a phenomenon called "transfer shock". In this state of "transfer shock," students often feel lonely, lost, and overwhelmed in their new environment, which can result in a drop in grade point average, an inability to connect with the institution, and in some cases, drop-out. Our university community is committed to providing you the support and assistance you need to be a successful transfer student.


"You've been THERE and done THAT.
But now you're HERE and can do THIS."

Tiffany Montemayor
Political Science
Corpus Christi, TX
Transferred from Huston-Tillotson

Transfer Connection Programs

Getting involved as a new student at TTU is an important part of your adjustment to TTU and Lubbock. Fortunately, there are dozens of ways to get involved at TTU– in fact, there are so many involvement opportunities, they can sometimes be overwhelming! If you ask any student, getting involved helps you to feel more connected at TTU and assists in experiencing a greater sense of community at the University. A great place to start is with events and programs designed specifically by and for transfer and visiting students to TTU.



"The Transfer Connection meant that my university loved me and cared about my time as a Red Raider. It allowed me to meet new people when I didn't know anyone at first, and become a leader among my fellow students."

Morgan Chavez
Albuquerque, NM
Transferred from Central NM Community College