Texas Tech University

Allen Theatre Rules & Regulations


  1. These rules are provided for Allen Theatre user groups which utilize this facility. Additional policies and rules may be adopted and enforced as appropriate.
  2. Decorations or signs will not be placed in any rooms, hallways, or lobby of the theatre building without the permission of management. Helium balloons are not permitted in the Allen Theatre at any time. Expenses for any damages incurred by the violation of this rule will be paid by the party responsible for the damage.
  3. The visiting company will not obstruct any portion of the entries, hallways, or stairs including access to all building utilities.
  4. The visiting company will not permit smoking in the theatre or control rooms at any time. Smoking on stage is only permitted as part of a performance, and only when management approval has been obtained in advance.
  5. Animals (other than seeing eye/assist dogs) will not be allowed in the Allen Theatre for any reason other than for use in a production or related promotional event. This privilege must be secured through the Allen Theatre Management Staff in advance.
  6. If food and/or beverages are to be provided to visiting company prior approval must be given by the management staff.
  7. The Student Union Building and The Allen Theatre reserve the right to determine security personnel requirements for each event.
  8. Loaded firearms are prohibited in the Allen Theatre, with the exception of uniformed police officers on duty, or "stage use" weapons, which have appropriate safety features and prior approval by the Manager of Theatre Operations.

Production Procedures

  1. The visiting company will provide identification and/or complete lists of all persons to be allowed in the backstage area. This list must be provided at the beginning of the load-in and is subject to approval by the Management Staff of the Allen Theatre. The management staff reserves the right to restrict backstage access.
  2. The house opens 30 minutes prior to scheduled show time. All set-ups and sound checks must be completed by this time.
  3. Under no circumstance will a performance/intermission begin or end without the verbal approval of a member of the management staff of the Allen Theatre.
  4. The management staff reserves the right to determine the sound level for any event in the Allen Theatre.
  5. It is recommended that all valuables be collected by the visiting company's Stage Manager prior to the performance and kept until the performance is completed.  The Allen Theatre assumes no responsibility for personal property left in dressing rooms or in the Theatre.
  6. Any changes to house rigging or equipment must be approved in advance by the management staff.
  7. The visiting company will not be allowed to make any changes to the stage floor or any other parts of the facility without approval from management.
  8. Seat kills for production control equipment must be approved in advance by management.
  9. USE OF FLAMES, SMOKE EFFECTS, AND PYROTECHNICS MUST BE APPROVED IN ADVANCE BY THE MANAGER OF THEATRE OPERATIONS.  The visiting company must be prepared to demonstrate effects for approval.  The Allen Theatre reserves the right to limit or prohibit the use of effects which may constitute a hazard to patrons employees or the facilities.  The use of any special effects which may affect audience comfort or safety must be approved, in advance, by the management staff.


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