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Our mission is to conserve water and soil for future generations by collaborating to identify those agricultural production practices and technologies that, when integrated across farms and landscapes, will reduce the depletion of ground water while maintaining or improving agricultural production and economic opportunities.

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TAWC Field Day

Thursday - September 12, 2019


Policy Changes, Trade Wars, and Markets - Dr. Darren Hudson, Texas Tech University

Producer Perspective: Using Water Efficiency Technologies and Growing Sustainable Cotton- Lloyd Arthur, Ralls TX Producer

Grazing Options for Rainfed and Reduced Irrigation Scenarios- Dr. Chuck West, Texas Tech University

Balancing Conservation & Property Rights: Groundwater Law & Policy Update - Victoria Messer, High Plains Underground Water District

Incorporating New Technologies in On Farm Research: Is this a game changer? - Dr. Randy Boman, Windstar, Inc.

Upcoming Weather Trends and Conditions- Jody James, National Weather Service

Indigo Agriculture - presented by the Indigo Ag team


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6th Annual TAWC Water College

Thursday - January 23, 2020
Lubbock Memorial Civic Center
Lubbock, Texas

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Congratulations to Lloyd Arthur and family for receiving the Field to Market Producer Spotlight and Friend of Extension Awards. Their contribution to agriculture and conservation is greatly appreciated!




Narrated by Dr. Rudy Ritz, this video delves into the TAWC's research demonstration program. Special thanks to the Texas Tech Agricultural Communications Department for producing this video.