Texas Tech University

CPRIT Online Grants Management System Updates

Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CIPRIT) has made significant changes to the online grants management system (CGMS) to enhance the functionality and usability of the system. The CGMS enhancements described below will be released to production on April 27, 2014.

Manage Organizations

The "Manage Organization Agreements" feature has been renamed to "Manage Organizations." This feature will allow ASOs and Alternate ASOs to manage their organization agreements, utilize the new auto delegation (out of office) feature, set auto delegation of tasks and add or replace the ASO or Alternate ASO.

A new business rule was introduced to allow the assignment of one ASO and one Alternate ASO per institution. Any user currently in the Alternate ASO role will be given the Grant Contract/Office of Sponsored Projects Official role. Any tasks that are assigned to an Alternate ASO will still be assigned to the user when the role is changed to a Grant Contract/Office of Sponsored Projects Official role. The ASO of each institution must log into CGMS and assign one Alternate ASO to their institution.

The ASO and Alternate ASO will also have the ability to add or replace the ASO or Alternate ASO. A history of ASO and Alternate ASO changes are displayed.

The ASO and Alternate ASO will see details for their organization agreements. They will also have the ability to replace the agreements, upload the agreements if they do not exist and view version history of those agreements.

An Auto Delegation (out of office) feature will allow an ASO or Alternate ASO to set up a temporary or permanent auto-delegation rule. The feature will allow a user to auto delegate various workflows to other roles based on task type (ex. ASO Review, Complete Web Form, etc.).

Delegate/Approve Task(s) feature

A "Delegate/Approve Task(s)" feature has been added to the My Grants home page and is accessible by an ASO or Alternate ASO. An ASO or Alternate ASO can select one or more grants by choosing the select box in the My Grants table and then clicking on the "Delegate/Approve Tasks" button. The button navigates to the "Delegate Tasks for Selected Grants" page where an ASO or Alternate ASO can select task types to delegate to other grant contacts.

Other Financial Reports Tab

The "Other Financial Reports" sub tab has been added to the "Budget & Financial Status Reports" grant tab. This tab is a repository for all non-contract financial based forms. These forms include the Historically Underutilized Business (HUB), Single Audit Determination (SAD) Form, Revenue Sharing Report Form and Annual Inventory Report. These forms are no longer displayed or located under the "Documents & Forms" tab. These required forms are assigned for completion annually, on the anniversary date of each grant. Each form has been modified to allow a grantee to indicate that the form is not applicable to their grant.

Goals, Objectives, and Timeline Negotiation

A Goals and Objectives Negotiation form has been added to the documents that are completed during grant negotiation. This form will allow the grantee to request to add, modify or remove Goals and/or Objectives that were imported from the CPRIT Application Receipt System (CARS). Once the grantee has submitted changes, the form will move through the approval process and then update the Contract Attachment A.

Goals, Objectives, or Timeline Change Request

A grantee can make changes to their goals or objectives through a Goal or Objective Change Request. This change request is available on the Change Requests tab. A link to the change request is also available on the annual progress report Summary of Goals and Objectives tab. Once approved, Attachment F, an amendment to the Contract Attachment A, is generated.

Annual and Final Progress Reports for Research, Training, Recruitment, Prevention and Product Development

The annual and final progress reports have a new layout. Some sections have been updated to include additional questions. For annual and final reports, the "Summary of Goals and Objectives" tab now requires the grantee to report progress against the timeline and individual goals and objectives. Changes to final reports include providing key outcomes, a layperson summary of accomplishments, and future directions.

An "Abstracts and Presentations" tab has been added.

Please contact the CPRIT Help Desk with any questions at help@CPRITGrants.org or 866-941-7146, Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.