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Funding Resources

Internal Funding

To assist faculty in securing competitive research funding, the OR&I has created a number of internal support programs:

  • Proposal Assistance Program 

    Provides research funding, typically around $4,000, to initiate new lines of research (Research Seed Funding) or resubmissions of previously declined proposals (Proposal Resubmission). Applications accepted once per semester.
  • Scholarship Catalyst Program (SCP) 

    Sponsored by the Offices of the President, Provost, and Research & Innovation to promote research, scholarship, and creative endeavors of faculty in the Arts, Humanities, or Social Sciences. Annual deadline each fall.
  • Open Access Publication Initiative 

    Helps defray the cost of open access publication fees and expedite the dissemination of research findings. Awards are first-come, first-served and limited to $1,000 per publication, per faculty member, per academic year.
  • Faculty Travel Grants 

    Assists faculty with costs associated with domestic (up to $1,000) or international (up to $1,500) travel to present at prestigious conferences, visit funding agencies, or conduct on-site research. Applications accepted each semester for travel the following term.

Proposal Development Assistance

The OR&I offers a variety of resources and learning opportunities to assist faculty in preparing successful research proposals. See the Faculty Development website for proposal development resources.

Limited Submissions

Federal, state and private funding agencies occasionally limit the number of proposals and/or applications submitted by an organization in response to a given funding opportunity. These funding opportunities can be found on the Limited Submissions webpage.

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