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Investigator Financial Disclosure

FCOI Disclosure for 2017-2018 Now Available

Federal regulations require that institutions have policies and procedures in place to ensure that employees disclose any significant financial interests that may represent an actual or potential conflict of interest in relationship to externally sponsored projects.

Texas Tech University Operating Procedure 74.17 outlines the general university regulations and procedures regarding annual disclosure of significant business and financial interests as well as the identification of conflicts or potential conflicts of interest, which serve to protect the credibility and the integrity of the university's faculty and staff, as well as the institution, so that public trust and confidence in its sponsored activities are not compromised.

Update: The Public Health Service (PHS) has made major changes in financial disclosure requirements for all investigators and personnel involved in PHS-funded projects (e.g. NIH). Faculty or other personnel who have applied or plan to apply for PHS funding must complete training and disclose business or financial interests before submitting proposals or receiving funds. Read more »

Use the links below to find disclosure forms and requirement information:

Public Health Service (PHS) Investigator Requirements
PHS now requires all investigators who are applying or may apply for PHS funds (e.g. NIH) to complete training, and disclose business or financial interests before submitting proposals or receiving funds. Find PDF disclosure forms and training requirements here.

Investigator Financial Disclosure Requirements (non-PHS funded)
All employees who will act as investigators must disclose significant business or financial interests by October 1 of each year. Find PDF disclosure forms and more information here.

Non-TTU Employee Disclosure
Revisions to the electronic financial disclosure forms are underway and will be completed later in the Fall semester. We will accept disclosures once the new forms are up and available.

For more information contact Kelsie Jackson at kelsie.jackson@ttu.edu, (806) 834-8988.

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  • Investigators who are planning to participate in PHS (NIH)-funded research must submit an updated disclosure of reimbursed or sponsored travel within 30 days of each occurrence. More »
  • Training and disclosure requirements must be completed before PHS-NIH proposals are submitted. More »