Policies & Procedures

ORS Research Policies & Procedures

ORS-003 Responsibilities of All Non-faculty Research Personnel
ORS-009-R Uniform Proposal Review and Service Policy
  ORS Procedure for PI Change, Department/Unit Change, or Change of Credit for Sponsored Proposals and Awards

TTU Research Policies

OP 02.04 Processing, Management, and Publicity of Gifts and Grants from Private Philanthropic Sources
OP 10.11 Ethics Policy
OP 30.22 Guidelines for the Educational Use of Copyrighted Works
OP 60.11 Procurement, Usage, and Disposal of Radioactive Materials, Radiation Producing Devices, and Lasers
OP 60.17 Chemical Hygiene Plan
OP 61.25 Financial Administration of Construction Projects
OP 62.37 Establishing Employee/Independent Contractor Status
OP 63.08 Property Management
OP 65.01 Facilities and Administrative Cost Recovery from Sponsored Programs
OP 65.03 Program Income Generated by Federally-funded Projects
OP 65.04 Cost Transfers to Sponsored Project Accounts or to Matching Accounts for Sponsored Projects
OP 65.06 Conditions of Grants and Consulting Contracts Made Directly to Individuals
OP 65.08 Direct Charging to Sponsored Projects and Cost Share Funds
OP 65.09 Budgeting Sponsored Projects
OP 65.10 Budgeting Sponsored Projects Prior to Receipt of Award
OP 70.37 Disclosure of Significant Business or Financial Interests that may Represent Conflicts of Interest
OP 74.01 Office of Research Services
OP 74.02 Conduct of Research and Scholarly Activity
OP 74.03 Collecting Objects on State or Federal Land
OP 74.04 Intellectual Property Rights
OP 74.05 Institutional Biosafety and Hazardous Materials Committee
OP 74.06 Disposition of Patent and Copyright Royalty Income
OP 74.08 Allegations of Misconduct in Research or Scholarly Activity
OP 74.09 Protection of Human Subjects in Research
OP 74.10 Export Control
OP 74.15 TTU Policy on Prostitution and Sex Trafficking

Federal Research Policies

OMB Circulars
Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)