TTU Institutional Data

Texas Tech University (TTU), which was created by legislative action in February of 1923 under the name Texas Technological College, opened its doors for the first class enrollment in the fall of 1925. Although Texas Tech is proud to be largely serving the South Plains of West Texas, it also attracts students from the rest of the State, the Country and the World. Texas Tech University is one of few universities in the country housing a full academic campus, a law school, and a medical school – the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center(TTUHSC) – at the same location. Additionally, TTUHSC has campuses in Amarillo, Midland/Odessa and El Paso.

At the heart of TTU's mission is attracting and graduating the best quality students, providing first class education, promoting excellence in research, taking a leading role in the advancement of knowledge and serving our community. To attain this mission, TTU administration developed a succinct roadmap to become a great public research University by 2025. In 2012, TTU received National Research University designation from the State of Texas. Although still in the initial stages, TTU is on the right path to becoming a nationally recognized public research university by the 100th anniversary of the founding of TTU, indicative of the increased number of enrollment and graduation in different academic programs, the clear planning of research and the amount of research funding.

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TTU Institutional Information

Legal Name of Applicant

Texas Tech University

Type of Institution

Texas Tech is a public, nonprofit educational institution exempt under Section 170(c)1 of the IRS code.

Employer Identification Number (EIN) and Federal Tax ID Number


Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) Number


Federal Interagency Committee on Education (FICE) Code


North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)


Texas Vendor ID Number


Standard Industrial (SIC) Code


Congressional District


State of Texas House of Representatives District


State of Texas Senate District




Signature Authority

Institutional Signature Authority

Kathleen Harris, Ed.D.
Senior Associate Vice President for Research
806-742-3884 – phone
806-742-3892 – FAX

Contracts/Agreements with Private Sponsors

Amy Cook.
Associate Managing Director, Office of Research Services
806-742-3884 – phone
806-742-3892 – FAX

Contracts/Agreements with State or Federal Sponsors

Emily Everette
Senior Administrator
806-742-3884 – phone
806-742-3892 – FAX

Financial Officer or Fiscal Agent

Simone Hasie, CPA
Managing Director
806-742-2985, ext. 355 - phone
806-742-8076 – FAX

Budget Information

Checks Should be Made Payable To

Texas Tech University

Cognizant Federal Audit Agency

Department of Health and Human Services
Office of Audit Services – Region VI
1100 Commerce Street, Suite 632
Dallas, TX 75202

Cognizant Federal Agency for F&A Rate Agreements

Department of Health and Human Services
Financial Management Service
Division of Cost Allocation
1301 Young Street Room 732
Dallas, TX 75202
Contact: Arif Karim

DHHS F&A Agreement Date


Fringe Benefit Rates

Fringe Benefit Rate Tables

Health Insurance Rates

Health Insurance Premium Tables

Tuition Rates

Tuition Grids

Per Diem Rates – domestic

GSA Per Diem Rates

Per Diem Rates - foreign

U.S. Department of State

Most Recent A-133 Audit Report

Audit Report, for fiscal year ended 8/31/2014

Assurance/Compliance Information

OLAW Animal Welfare Assurance No.

A3629-01 (expires 6/30/2018)

Human Subjects Assurance No.

FW00001568 (expires 11/29/2017)

Misconduct in Science

Filed February 2012

USDA Certification


ASAP (Automated Standard Application for Payments) No.


AAALAC Accreditation No.


SAM Registration

Valid until 06/03/2016

Radiation License No.


Title V Clean Air Permit No.


Laser License No.


Other Project Specific Assurances

  • Debarment and Suspension
  • Delinquent Federal Debt
  • Drug Free Workplace
  • Lobbying
Agency-specific Information



DOD Commercial and Governmental Entity (CAGE) Code