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Proposal Submission

Instructions for Submitting Proposals for Extramural Funding to ORS

Proposals for extramural support for research, training, or other activities to be conducted by Texas Tech faculty, staff and students are required to be submitted through the TTU Office of Research Services (ORS).


For all Proposals Submitted through ORS:

A signed, completed Internal Routing sheet must accompany all proposals submitted to ORS. An approved submission must be received in ORS at least 5 business days prior to the sponsor deadline indicated on the Internal Routing sheet, for submission to the sponsor via the method indicated in the “Copy/Mailing Instructions” section of the Internal Routing Sheet. A proposal received by ORS after this date will be considered a “Late Submission” (see below).

A complete submission will include the complete proposal (including all documents required by the sponsor; typically, a cover letter, abstract (or project summary), project narrative, budget, budget justification, biographical sketches of key personnel, current and pending support, facilities and equipment, etc.) and the Internal Routing sheet with all required information and approvals. In addition, a complete submission will include applicable supporting documents (e.g., letter of commitment, compliance certifications, etc.)

Electronic Proposal Submission(s):

Electronic proposals will also require submission of the signed, completed Internal Routing sheet prior to submission. E-mail other documents, as applicable, to the sponsored programs analyst.

  • Grants.gov submissions are being phased out on the TTU campus. Instead, all proposals that require Grants.gov submission will use the Cayuse 424 system, which uses the System-to-System (S2S) method. The completed Internal Routing sheet should be attached in the “Documents” section of the “Proposal Summary” in Cayuse 424. “Routing” approvals will be handled electronically via Cayuse 424.
  • Most proposals to the National Science Foundation (NSF) will be submitted through FastLane at www.fastlane.nsf.gov.
  • Most NASA proposals are submitted online through NSPIRES at http://nsprires.nasaprs.com.

For registration (NSF, NSPIRES, or NIH) and questions on electronic proposal submissions, please contact ORS at 742-3884 or by e-mail at ORS@ttu.edu.

Submitting Proposals by Mail:

You should submit your Internal Routing sheet, completed proposal, and any supporting documentation (including solicitation) to ORS 5 business days before the sponsor deadline. On your Internal Routing sheet, please indicate the number of proposal copies the sponsor requires.

ORS will make the required number of copies (black and white only) and ship via FedEx two-day delivery to the sponsor at ORS expense. If color copies are required, the appropriate number should be provided to ORS. Late proposals (any proposal received less than 5 business days before the deadline), will be reviewed, as time allows, however the PI will be responsible for copying and shipping their own proposal. ORS cannot ship proposals overnight.

Advance Notification to ORS:

Principal Investigators (PIs) are asked to notify their ORS Pre-award Analyst as early as possible of the intent to submit a proposal. This will aid in our efforts to provide continued services in accommodating expected increases in proposal volume.

Limited Submission Proposals:

Federal, State and private funding agencies may limit the number of proposals and/or applications submitted by an organization in response to a given funding opportunity. As needed, the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) will initiate an internal limited submission process in order to comply with this guidance. As with all proposals for sponsored projects, proposals for limited submission programs are not authorized to leave the university without review and approval of the ORS. Find Limited Submissions at http://www.depts.ttu.edu/vpr/award-ops/limited-submissions.php.

Late Submissions:

A proposal submitted to ORS after the applicable date (5 business days before the sponsor deadline),will be considered a late submission. ORS will make every effort to process late submissions, but there may not be time for an adequate review. If an award is made based on a late submission of a proposal signed by the college, school, department, and/or campus leadership, that unit will be responsible to cover costs incurred by TTU as a result of proposal errors. Such costs might include cost sharing commitments, or unallowable commitments of TTU resources.

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