Texas Tech University

Proposal Submission and Review Process

Proposal Submission

Proposals for extramural support for research, training, or other activities to be conducted by Texas Tech faculty, staff and students are required to be submitted through the TTU Office of Research Services (ORS).

Routing Proposals

To ensure that federal and state guidelines are met and that the intellectual and academic objectives of the University are maintained, all proposals for external funding must be reviewed at appropriate administrative levels prior to submission. Internal approvals at Texas Tech University are obtained electronically with the Cayuse SP internal processing form. Brief instructions follow.

  1. Either the lead PI or ORS proposal analyst will start the new proposal in Cayuse SP.
  2. Lead PI completes compliance certifications/questions so that each has a green check mark
  3. Check all items (especially PI credit) before submitting for routing.
  4. Certify proposal (lead PI and any PIs listed).

The purpose of this policy is to ensure a uniform and consistent review of all proposals submitted by Texas Tech University to sponsors for funding, and ensures compliance with sponsor/agency, state, federal, and university regulations and policies.

Office of Research Services