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Subcontract and Professional Services Information

Subcontract Information

Subaward (subrecipient agreement, subcontract, subgrant), documents required for subcontracts, budgeting subcontracts, letter of intent to collaborate

Professional Services Information

  • A project may require expertise outside Texas Tech University. Any outside person adding value to or strengthening the proposal should be named in the proposal. If the named person is a non-TTU employee, then an Independent Contractor Questionnaire (ICQ) would be required [Reference: OP 62.37 ]. The ICQ is not required at the proposal stage but should be completed at the award stage and before the work is done so that a professional services agreement can be executed through the Office of Research Services. Some examples of this type of arrangement are: interviewing, testing, curriculum design and evaluation, program design and evaluation.
  • If, however the expertise or service is something that is commercially available, then the good or service should be explained and justified in the proposal. The good or service would be purchased through normal University procurement procedures through the Purchasing Department. Some examples of the professional services that would be: accountants, architects, landscape architecture, land surveying, physician (including surgeon), optometry, professional engineering, real estate appraisal, professional nursing, medical or dental providers, legal counsel, investment counselors, or actuaries. [Reference: OP 72.10 ]
Independent Contractor Questionnaire (ICQ)

Letter of Intent to Collaborate

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