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Getting Started

DTI Tractography


Follow the instructions on the TTNI Imaging Policy Form. Read the guidelines and sign the document to be submitted to TTNI. Failure to follow the guidelines can result in a loss of imaging privileges. TTNI has the right to change these guidelines at any time if the need arises.

Indirect Cost Return - To motivate TTNI faculty to get more grants, TTNI promises each TTNI faculty and PI that TTNI will return all the indirect cost received from OVPR/TTU to PI for PI's research and development, and will not deduct any percentage of indirect cost.

Safety Training

Every investigator, and all research personnel conducting research studies at the TTNI, will need to be safety trained to work in the MRI environment. This requirement is for the safety of our research participants, TTNI staff and equipment, and ultimately your own safety.

Required Materials:

Additional Materials:

Project Request

All research studies conducted at the TTNI must be reviewed by the Advisory Committee. The committee members will ensure that all studies are in compliance with TTNI imaging procedures and safety policies. If you have questions or comments about the Project Request Form please send an e-mail to neuroimaging@ttu.edu.

For more information or to discuss research opportunities, please contact TTNI at neuroimaging@ttu.edu.


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