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10 Reasons University Career Services Will Rock Your World

Story and Photo by Samantha Jo BerryAshely with guns up


At Texas Tech University you will receive a top-notch education, but that does not always mean finding a job will be easy. University Career Services is a service at Tech committed to ensuring that Red Raiders are prepared for the workforce. Staffed by several highly-qualified individuals, UCS deserves a list explaining why we love them so much.


10. Personality/Strength/Interest Testing. We already know you’re awesome, but having proof never hurts UCS offers StrenghtsQuest™ testing, Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator, and several more!

9. Mock Interviews. Have you ever been stumped by the “tell me your
weakness” question? The experts at UCS can help you field that question
and others like the champ that you are.


8. Career Development Seminars. You can learn everything from starting
your own business to what to wear to make that great first impression.
How about some salary negotiation tips? Show me the money!


7. RaiderJobs. College is fun and no one wants to leave, but the time will
come when you must. This online job search tool is the perfect solution
to that dilemma. New full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and internships are
uploaded daily. Mom and Dad can rest at night knowing UCS has
your back.


6. Location. UCS is located on-campus! Plus, they’re in the same building
as the newest eating location. How about some Chick-fil-A and then a
little career development?  That’s a yes!


5. College liaisons. UCS has career liaisons designated for each college to
help the students and faculty with any professional and career
development needs. The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural
Resources has its very own. His name is Jared Lay, and he’s pretty much
the coolest thing since the Internet.


4. Résumé development and critiques. Anyone can put on a suit, but
who looks the best on paper? Oh yeah, that would be a Red Raider! The
staff members at UCS are experts on what employers want to see on a
résumé and can help yours be the best it can be.


3. Etiquette Dinners. Which fork do I use? What do I do with this napkin?
UCS has all the answers and then some.


2. Raider Mentor Network. A new program, RMN is a database of
Tech alumni who have volunteered to help current students with career
development issues. Students are paired with mentors that share a similar
career or interests. It’s a great way to network and get some help from
people who have walked a mile in your shoes.


1. It’s FREE! UCS is completely free, which is always a good thing. A good
word to describe UCS and its employees? Priceless.