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Back: Kelli Chapman, Chase Dunn, Rhea Lynn Leonard, Megan Davis, Marie Hefley, Jake Grinnell Middle:Dr. David Doerfert, Rex Oliver, Brooke Parkey, Samantha Jo Berry, Brett Nelius Front: Amy Dromgooole, Shylo Adams, Alicia Daugherty, Hardy Elkins, Loren Wright, Koreley Holubec, Caitlyn Shumaker Not Picutred: Keeli Willis, Trevor Schafer


A Note From the Editor

Marie HefleyBeginning with the first pioneers, the agriculture industry has continuously evolved. With the rapid growth of technology, the industry has learned to diversify and integrate itself with other industries to meet the demands of these changes.


Recognizing the flexibility of agriculture, The Agriculturist staff has developed a publication that exemplifies the past successes of individuals in this industry and gives a peek at the great things yet to come.


It has been an honor to serve as editor for this issue of The Agriculturist. Each staff strives to make their issue better than the last, and I want to say a heart-felt thank you to my fellow classmates. It is your hard work ethic and determination both in and out of the classroom that made the production of this magazine possible in such a short amount of time.


On behalf of the staff and myself, I want to express my sincere gratitude to our advisors, Dr. David Doerfert and Rhea Lynn Leonard, for your time, insight and expertise. Without you, this publication would not have been a success.


This issue encompasses remarkable stories about students, alumni and programs of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, as well as evolving technology that will change the future of agriculture. I hope you enjoy this edition of The Agriculturist.



Marie Hefley