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Family Mattersfamily

Story and Photo by Macy King


“It was only three hours from Pampa to Lubbock, but those were the longest and saddest three hours of my life,” said Rachel Lee, junior in education, from Pampa, Texas.

For many incoming freshman, the transition from high school to college can be a challenge. Leaving home can be a stressful experience. The change can seem overwhelming, making it more important to stay in touch with family and friends.  Between Texas Tech University events and modern technology, there are many different ways for students to stay connected with loved ones.

The Texas Tech Parents Association serves as a forum for students, families, faculty, staff and Texas Tech to exchange information. It also encourages parents participation and involvement in their student’s college career. One example is family weekend. This event is a great time for families to visit campus, spend time with students and enjoy a weekend full of collegiate festivities.

“Family Weekend was so much fun,” Alexa Borowski said, sophomore in agricultural education. “I love it when my family comes to visit; it is a good time to catch up.”

Sibling Weekend is another event that allows students to spend a weekend with members of their family. According to the Texas Tech Parents’ website, siblings between the ages of 8 to 15 are invited to participate, along with their Texas Tech brother or sister, in an all-access weekend of fun, educational and spirit-filled activities.

Colton Snedecor, a sixth-grader from Uvalde, Texas, said, “I had a blast with my aunt during sibling weekend. We got to play games on the football field, watch a basketball game and climb the rock wall.”

Many students also rely on technology to keep in touch with family.   

“I use Facebook and Twitter a few times a day to check on family and friends,” Lee said. “I also talk to my mom at least twice a day on my cell phone.”

Whether students text from a cell phone or video chat on Skype, staying connected can be a crucial part to student success.

“Even though it was hard to do,” Borowski said, “I knew that leaving home and going to Texas Tech would give me a better future.”

Though it may be difficult to leave home, it is important for students to know that they still have family to lean on for support.