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Lockwood, Stephanie A. Ph.D.


Associate Professor of Practice

Stephanie Lockwood serves as a professor for the Texas Tech at Waco Biology program. She has been teaching for TTU since 2006, and moved to the TTU at Waco extension site in 2014. Stephanie teaches Ecology and Evolution core biology courses, as well as Invertebrate Zoology, Insect Diversity, Medical Entomology, Field Ecology and Tropical Marine Biology electives. Dr. Lockwood and Professor Stephanie Randell (McLennan Community College) run the Texas Integrative Diving and Ecological Studies Laboratory (TIDES) and lead students in undergraduate research in coral reef ecology. Students develop their own research projects and then study abroad to complete their projects on the Mesoamerican Coral Reef in Roatan, Honduras.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities: Texas Integrated Diving & Ecological Studies Laboratory (TIDES - Coral Reef Research)





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