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Dr. Minal EngavaleAnderson Award Salazar-BravoAngela AlvizWeddell seal and pupDr. Natasja Van Gestel in AntarcticaPhillips Lab Conducting Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Funded Research in TexasTTU researchers study the impacts of stress on fear on healthTTU researchers team up to study Texas native reptile habitat changeDr. Matt Johnson Leads International Team to Develop ‘Family Tree’ of Moss EvolutionLive agave plant nestled in Agave Dreams' hands.Astrolabe by Owen Morrel in front of ESB.TTU Biology BuildingTTU Environmental Sciences Building (ESB).

About the department

 The department encourages undergraduate students to work with professors in research laboratories and projects to obtain first-hand information about research in the life sciences. Opportunities are available in many fields, including systematics and evolutionary biology, ecology and environmental biology, cell and molecular biology, and several areas of biotechnology. These research programs have been well received in the past and have proved beneficial to both students and faculty. Students who have been involved in the research projects have received competitive grants; presented papers at scientific meetings; authored papers published in scientific journals; and progressed to become successful medical doctors, college professors, etc.
 The master's and doctoral programs include specializations in the areas of animal physiology and biomedical sciences, biological informatics, ecology, evolution and systematic biology, microbiology, plant physiology, plant biotechnology, and quantitative biology.

Department of Biological Sciences

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