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[stuhd-ee uh-brawd] verb

1. To participate in an international education program whereby college students can earn academic credit by taking classes, interning, conducting research, or completing a service project.

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portrait of Donald Sullivan


Donald Sullivan

“Study abroad is a significant step in enriching your education and creating a new international perspective. Study abroad meant new career goals, new hobbies and a new self-confidence.”

Studied abroad in Prague, Czech Republic, spring 2018

portrait of Jasmine Workman


Jasmine Workman

“Study abroad equals opportunity. Whether it's the opportunity to experience a new culture, to better discover who you are and who you want to be, or to travel the world and see what it has to offer, studying abroad can offer you this and so much more. You can get as little or as much out of it as you want to - it's up to you.”

Studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland, spring 2018

portrait of Madison Muschalek


Madison Muschalek

“The friends I made while studying abroad was the most impactful part of my study abroad experience. Those friends you make are able to share a special bond with you that no one else will be able to understand.”

Studied abroad in Scotland and Northern Ireland, summer 2018

portrait of Megan LeRiche


Megan LeRiche

“I needed a change and I needed to be inspired again. I played with the idea of going abroad for a semester and the rest was history. I chose Sevilla because of how established Texas Tech's program is and the convenience of getting all of my Spanish credits done in one semester.”

Studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain, spring 2018

portrait of Julie Workman


Julie Workman

“My goodness, going abroad opened our daughter up socially and that in itself was worth it! She met a great group of students from all over the world and they went on many trips together.”

Mother of Jasmine Workman. Jasmine studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland, spring 2018

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