Texas Tech University

Once You’re Accepted

Congrats! You're approved to study abroad!

After students receive an automated email notifying them that their TTU Study Abroad application was approved, there are a few important steps to complete. 

  1. Commit to participating in your program.
    After reviewing the withdrawal and refund policy, determine your commitment to study abroad. On your online TTU Study Abroad application, click the “CONFIRM” button located on your home page. Once you've clicked the "CONFIRM" button, you are responsible for applicable fees which include the non-refundable Education Abroad Fee.
  2. Complete TTU application requirements.
    Now that you are approved by TTU, new requirements appear on your online application. Carefully complete all new requirements.
  3. Complete program application requirements, if applicable.
    If you are participating in a exchange or affiliate program, then you must also apply directly to the University and/or partner organization. These application deadlines differ from Texas Tech deadlines. Your Study Abroad Counselor can assist with this part of the process.
    1. Please disregard this step if you are participating in faculty-led program or program at the TTU Center in Sevilla.
  4. Do research about your host country and its cultures.
    Too often this step is dismissed by students who later realize how much better prepared they could have been if only they had made the time. Visit the How Much Do You Know About Your Host Country? page for a list of thoughtful questions you can ask yourself to make sure that you're informed. 
  5. Receive medical clearance.
    After acceptance, all study abroad students must be medically recommended to travel. This may require an appointment with a physician. Consult with Student Disability Services about concerns, if applicable, and visit the medical clearance webpage for more details. 
  6. Complete the mandatory pre-departure orientation modules and quiz.
    All students must complete pre-departure orientation in Blackboard and pass a corresponding quiz. Students who do not complete orientation and pass the quiz are not approved to study abroad. Approval for study abroad may be revoked due to failure to complete this requirement. Students will be enrolled in the pre-departure orientation course on Blackboard and emailed once enrollment is complete. 
    1. Note that in addition to the TTU Study Abroad pre-departure orientation, your department, college, faculty leader(s) and/or program may require that you attend additional orientations/workshops. 
  7. Register for an International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
    Mandatory for students studying at the TTU Center in Sevilla, Spain. 
    This card allows you to prove your student status worldwide and gain access to discounts and benefits in over 125,000 locations. Visit ISIC.org to order your ISIC, and if asked, be sure to list Texas Tech as your university. Delivery of the physical card takes approximately three or four weeks, and the cost is $28. You can also obtain the digital card and save it to your phone. 
  8. Apply for scholarships!
    Check out the Easy Guide to Study Abroad Scholarships. If you are planning to use federal Financial Aid during the term that you will be abroad, you have the option of meeting with the Study Abroad Financial Aid Advisor. Visit our Financial Aid webpage for instructions to make this appointment.
  9. Complete student visa application and other immigration requirements, if applicable.
    Depending on your citizenship, travel destination(s), and the length of your study abroad program, you may need to apply for a student visa. This process will vary greatly depending on the three aforementioned variables, so it is imperative that you carefully research the steps you must take to obtain your visa successfully and in time for your departure date. Note that it is your responsibility to research immigration requirements and submit your student visa application. Your Study Abroad Counselor cannot assist you with the student visa application or research process.