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Designing a Successful Faculty-Led Program

Welcome to the club!

Thank you for your interest in leading Red Raiders abroad! You are joining nearly 100 other Texas Tech faculty members committed to enhancing the educational experience of our students by leading them abroad. Creating study abroad programs provides Texas Tech faculty with opportunities to highlight and share their international expertise with undergraduate and graduate students. Such programs often grow out of a research interest, a collaborative arrangement with faculty or institutions abroad, or a desire by faculty to strike out for new intellectual territory.

Students standing in the green foilage of Belize

Most faculty-led study abroad programs are short-term, occurring during the summer (Maymester, Summer I and/or Summer II). Programs may also be semester programs, or taught during Winter and Spring breaks. Time abroad might range from a week to several months, and academic credit will vary depending on the curriculum and the amount of time abroad.

Developing a new program is a collaborative effort between faculty leaders and the Study Abroad Office. Faculty should discuss their program ideas with the Assistant Director of Study Abroad Adrianna Ward after reviewing the Handbook for Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs and OP 34.26 Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs. Study Abroad programs are to be academic in nature, and must follow the guidelines established by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.  Please review the Study Abroad Requirements for the Coordinating Board for details.

Successful study abroad programs depend on many factors. Some of these include:

  • Course content that is relevant and interesting to a broad number of students
  • Courses that fulfill specific Texas Tech degree requirements, e.g., a core requirement, or a major, or minor requirement
  • Situating the course in a location that reinforces the curricular content and makes the site a learning laboratory
  • An energetic, motivated faculty leader who can successfully promote the program to students

Every effort should be made to keep a program affordable for the broadest possible range of students. In general, for a new study abroad program to break even, at least ten participants are required. Faculty can expect to have their airfare, housing, meals and costs for any excursions provided by the program. Faculty salary is the responsibility of the department.

Preparing to Lead Students Abroad

You'll find the information you need below to register your program with the Study Abroad Office and get on with the business of teaching your students abroad. Please contact the Assistant Director of Study Abroad with questions - the Study Abroad Office is here for you!

This information is organized in chronological order to assist you as you move through the faculty-led program process.

Beginning Stages of Program Development

Prior to Departure With Your Students

While Abroad With Your Students

After the Program