Texas Tech University

The Process for Establishing a Faculty-Led Program

Most Texas Tech faculty-led programs take place during the summer. As such, Study Abroad has developed a timeline for summer faculty-led program development. Faculty interested in leading students abroad during a different time of the year should contact the Assistant Director of Study Abroad  to discuss the appropriate timeline for their program.

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Timeline for Summer Faculty-Led Programs

18 Months Prior to Departure

10 Months Prior to Departure

  • Finalize program with Study Abroad.
  • Develop and finalize program budget. 
  • Begin recruiting students for your program. Participate in the Study Abroad Fair.
  • Attend a Faculty Workshop to discuss emergency preparedness and crisis response as well as the student application and billing process.
  • Determine what requirements you'd like to include in your acceptance process and communicate your ideas with Study Abroad. Examples include an interview process, required essays, etc. 
  • Begin reviewing students for your program. Student applications open mid-fall semester.

5 months Prior to Departure

  • Continue recruiting students for your program.
  • Accept students to your program until application deadlines pass. Programs which do not meet the minimum number of students by the application deadline will be cancelled.
  • Attend the Faculty Workshop, if you have not done so in the previous academic year. 
  • Begin to host orientation meetings for your students.
  • Finalize program details with partners abroad, including submission of the finalized participant roster.
  • Ensure students enroll in your course(s) via RaiderLink.
  • File your travel application with the Office of International Affairs Travel Coordinator. Make any personal arrangements necessary for you to be out of the country for an extended period of time.

While Abroad

  • Communicate your and your students' safe arrival in your host country.
  • Communicate with the Study Abroad Office should an emergency arise or if you have any questions or concerns.

After Your Program

  • Meet with Study Abroad to debrief and review your program.
  • Submit receipts to the Office of International Affairs Travel Coordinator within 30 days of your program end date. If you will not be in Lubbock, email the receipts to the Travel Coordinator.