Texas Tech University

The Paperwork for Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty interesting in leading students abroad must complete the appropriate paperwork to obtain approval. This includes a program approval form and online registration.

Program Approval Form

The program approval form must be completed by faculty leaders each time they intend to lead students abroad. Faculty leaders of both new and recurring faculty-led programs must complete the program approval form. 

The program approval form must be signed by the program leader, Department Chair, and College Dean. The Assistant Director of Study Abroad will collect the signatures from the Study Abroad Office and the Provost Office.

Online Registration

In addition to the program approval form, the faculty leader must complete an online registration.

Which online registration should I complete?

Are you leading a faculty-led program for the first time? Are you moving a previous-organized faculty-led program to a new location? If you've answered yes to either of these questions, complete the New Faculty-Led Program Online Registration.

New Faculty-Led Program Online Registration

Are you continuing a previously-approved faculty-led program at the same location? If you've answered yes, complete the Continuing Program Proposal Registration.

Continuing Program Proposal Registration

Are you co-leading a faculty-led program? If you are not the primary leader of the program, complete the Additional Faculty Registration. 

Additional Faculty-Registration

Ensure the necessary paperwork is completed by the appropriate deadlines.