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Good-Value Programs

Texas Tech Study Abroad is here to support your selection of a study abroad program that meets your personal, professional and academic goals - as well as your budget! We understand that affordability and finances can be one of the biggest barriers in choosing not to study abroad. Instead of immediately ruling out this unique opportunity, we hope you will take the time to consider these good-value programs.


Pro Tip: Compare Costs to Your Average Semester in Lubbock 

Comparing costs will help you receive a true picture of the cost of study abroad. Do you know how much you pay to attend TTU? You would be surprised how many students cannot answer that question! Review the TTU cost of attendance. You can use this number to compare program costs.

Good-Value Study Abroad Programs

Programs are arranged by program type. Not sure which type of program is best for you? Read more about choosing a program and review the Study Abroad FAQs.

Methodology in Selecting Good-Value Programs:

  • The criteria in selecting good-value programs includes overall cost, availability of a variety of courses, variety of locations to suit student interest, and more.
  • Only semester programs are listed to ensure consistent length of time abroad. Summer programs range from roughly 2-12 weeks and for this reason alone, costs vary greatly. If interested in summer study abroad only, please review the program options and costs carefully to understand the cost compared to length of time abroad.
  • The list of good-value study abroad programs is updated once per year, each summer. Last updated: May 2023.
  • Ready to start your application for a good-value program? Make an advising appointment with a Study Abroad Counselor/Engineering Program Manager.

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