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Advising Appointments

Students preparing to study abroad may work with several different campus advisors. We know it can get confusing, so these descriptions explain which advisors can help you with what and when to meet with them.

Academic Advising

Inform your Academic Advisor that you're planning to study abroad. Academic Advisors help students figure out when to study abroad.

Your Academic Advisor is most familiar with your unique degree plan, so meeting with them at the beginning of the planning process ensures you don't graduate late. Tell your Academic Advisor, “I want to build study abroad into my degree,” and they'll explain how and when a term abroad fits into your degree and keeps you on track to graduate. Additionally, your Academic Advisor can answer questions about which courses you still need to graduate, which is critical when choosing the credits you want to earn abroad. If your Academic Advisor is unsure about anything related to study abroad, don't worry - we work closely with Academic Advisors to make sure you can go abroad and graduate on time!

To schedule an advising appointment with your Academic Advisor to discuss your plan to study abroad, visit your Raider Success Hub. 

Major-Specific Study Abroad Advising

For Engineering Students

Inform the International Engineering Program (IEP) staff that you're planning to study abroad. They help Engineering majors select academically appropriate programs.

Students in the Whitacre College of Engineering will only meet with an International Program Manager to discuss the study abroad process. Engineering majors do not meet with a Study Abroad Counselor in the Office of International Affairs.

Schedule an appointment with the IEP Staff

For Business Students

Inform the Rawls Center for Global Engagement (CGE) staff that you are planning to study abroad. They help Business majors select academically appropriate programs.

Students in the Rawls College of Business must meet with the Rawls CGE staff to start the study abroad process. You will not be permitted to make an appointment with a Study Abroad Counselor in the Office of International Affairs until you meet with the CGE.

Schedule an appointment with the Rawls CGE Staff

Study Abroad Advising For All Other Majors

Students are expected to come prepared to appointments with their Study Abroad Counselor. To prepare, arrive with a clear understanding of which study abroad program options interest you and which credits you want (or need) to earn for your degree. Also make sure you've completed your online TTU Study Abroad application.

Make an Appointment Based On Your Location of Interest:

Appointments are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Appointments should be made online and not by contacting the Counselor directly. Make an appointment with the appropriate Counselor based on your study abroad location of interest. Utilizing Texas Tech's Raider Success Hub (RSH), click "Schedule Your Appointment". 

 Screenshot of Raider Success Hub

Under the teams tab, click "Study Abroad":

Screenshot of Raider Success Hub

Under study abroad, choose the region you wish to study abroad in:

Choose region

Choose the time for your appointment. 

Choose time

Enter in where and when you are wanting to study abroad in the comments. Choose between a virtual appointment or an in person appointment, if available. 

Confirm your appointment. 

Confirm Appointment


Study Abroad Peer Advisors

Study Abroad Peer Advisors (SAPA) is a TTU student organization comprised of individuals who have studied abroad and hope to inspire other students by sharing stories, insights and wisdom. Peer Advisors help the Office of International Affairs at events such as the annual Study Abroad Fair. They are resources you can seek out to receive student viewpoints on studying abroad and to ask questions about the study abroad process.

A Peer Advisor is available every day for students to ask questions. Although appointments are not required to talk with a Peer Advisor, you can request an appointment by emailing studyabroadpeeradvisorsttu@gmail.com. For specific office hours, please see the table below. 

For more information on the organization, please visit or message the SAPA Instagram @studyabroadpeeradvisorsttu, the SAPA Facebook page, or email studyabroadpeeradvisorsttu@gmail.com.