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Earn Credit While Abroad

The way credit is applied to a student's Texas Tech transcript depends on the program type.

Study Abroad and Your Degree Plan

How study abroad can fit into your TTU degree

TTU offers a comprehensive range of unique, academic programs in 50 countries. Global learning is an essential part of being a Red Raider and crucial to your success post-graduation. Whether you know what sort of study abroad experience you want or don't even know what study abroad is, let us help you. Your new world awaits. Explore how study abroad can fit into your TTU degree.

Credit for TTU Study Abroad Programs

Faculty-led Programs

Faculty-led programs are study abroad programs directed by Texas Tech faculty, usually during the summer. Students enroll in TTU catalog courses. Credit and grades are posted on the transcript as if the student were on the main campus.

The Texas Tech Center in Sevilla, Spain, and TTU Costa Rica

Students are enrolled in TTU catalog courses. Credit and grades are posted on the transcript as if the student were on the main Texas Tech campus.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are programs in which the student will pay a third party directly and credit is earned as transfer credit. The grades the student receives at their host institution is calculated into their overall GPA.

Reciprocal Exchange Programs

Reciprocal programs are direct exchanges between foreign universities and Texas Tech. Students will pay Texas Tech tuition and fees for the courses taken at the host institution. The grades the student receives at their host institution is calculated into their TTU GPA. The name of the classes that appear on the Texas Tech transcript will be Texas Tech classes.

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Pre-Approval of Credit for Study Abroad Programs

  • Students participating in most TTU faculty-led programs or TTU Center programs do not need to have their credit pre-approved since they are taking TTU catalog courses. Students who are participating on a faculty-led program that is receiving non-TTU credit will receive pre-approval by way of their Study Abroad Counselor and/or Faculty Leader(s).
  • Students planning to study abroad on reciprocal exchange or affiliate programs must have their courses pre-approved before studying abroad. Credit pre-approval is granted by the the relevant academic department on campus for the courses the student wants to take abroad. (i.e. History classes are approved by the History Dept.). This process is only started after a student has met with their Study Abroad Counselor or Program Manager. 
  • Students must discuss their plans with their Academic Advisor to determine which courses meet the requirements for their degree plan.
  • If prior approval is not obtained from the relevant academic department credit may not be granted upon return from studying abroad. Your Study Abroad Counselor will help you complete the credit pre-approval form. Students in the last 30 hours at Texas Tech must also get approval from the Dean of their college.
  • Students can utilize the Transfer Equivalency Search Database to do research on their classes.

Receiving Credit for Students Participating in Affiliate and Reciprocal Programs

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While abroad, students must send their Study Abroad Counselor their finalized course schedule/registration after classes have begun. Students must also request that an official transcript be sent to the Credit Coordinator in the Study Abroad Office. Under no circumstances will a hand-carried or student copy of a transcript be accepted. The Credit Coordinator cannot begin the credit process until the official transcript has been received.

Students may be required to bring textbooks, syllabi, class notes, special projects, tests, and papers written for each class back to Texas Tech University. For Art classes this may include paintings, ceramics, pictures, or jewelry. Students who do not bring these materials back will delay and possibly negate credit being received for a study abroad course.

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Receiving Credit for Students Participating in International Internship Programs

Students whose degree plan requires an internship experience may opt to complete their internship experience abroad for academic credit. The affiliate providers with which TTU partners are able to place students in various types of internships all over the world. This opportunity is especially valuable for RHIM majors, Engineering majors, and more.

Some academic departments offer a credit-bearing internship course option to students whose degree plan does not require an internship experience. Other departments offer a credit-bearing course titled Individual Studies or Special Topics. With the approval of their department, these students can complete their internship experience abroad for academic credit.