Texas Tech University

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the TTU Study Abroad Office located?

The Study Abroad Office is in the International Cultural Center, located at 601 Indiana Avenue. Once inside the International Cultural Center, follow the signs for Study Abroad and speak with a receptionist for assistance.

Can I afford to study abroad?

Yes! The Study Abroad team is committed to offering programs that will fit a variety of student budgets, with some programs costing the same or less than the cost of attendance at Texas Tech. There are many ways to pay for your experience with scholarships, financial aid, and/or loans. Visit our Financial Resources and Scholarship webpages to learn more.

Am I eligible to study abroad?

In order to study abroad, you must have completed your first year at Texas Tech if you entered as a first-year student. Transfer students must complete one semester on TTU's campus before studying abroad. Students must also have a minimum 2.0 GPA. Engineering students must maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher from time of application through department. Business students must have a 2.75 or higher. Students must be in good disciplinary standing with the University at the time of application to study abroad and remain so throughout the study abroad term.

Do I need a passport to study abroad?

Yes, students who will be studying outside of the United States will require a passport.

Where do I get a passport?

Texas Tech has its own Passport Office located in the International Cultural Center. Please visit the Passport Office website for costs, hours of operation, and passport application requirements.

How do I start my application to study abroad?

Once you've selected a study abroad program, click the "Start Application" button on the program webpage. It's that simple!

The first step to studying abroad is watching the online video Study Abroad 101. In this video, we explain the basics of study abroad, how to choose an academically and financially appropriate program, and how to complete your application successfully.

After watching the Study Abroad 101 video and choosing my study abroad program, how do I complete my online application?

It is important to choose your study abroad program carefully. Using the TTU Study Abroad website and program-specific websites to explore your options online is a critical part of the application process that cannot be overlooked. Discussing the program(s) of interest to you with a Study Abroad Counselor or the TTU professor who is leading a faculty-led program is also important.

Once you are sure that you have selected the program that aligns best with your goals and interests, then you will complete the TTU Study Abroad application online. Visit How to Apply for more explicit instructions outlining the entire application process.

How do I pay for study abroad?

Students pay for study abroad in several ways including federal financial aid, scholarship money, taking out loans, etc. Learn more by reading about the Cost of Study Abroad and How to Afford It, attending a Funding Your Study Abroad Workshop, and visiting the Financial Resources and Scholarship webpages.

Are scholarships available to study abroad students? Can I apply for more than one?

Yes, there are many scholarships available, and we recommend applying to any scholarship for which you meet the eligibility criteria. Check out the Easy Guide to Study Abroad Scholarships for examples of TTU and external scholarships for which you may be eligible!

Remember, once you have written your first scholarship application essay, that same essay can be tweaked and used to complete many other scholarship applications.

I heard about the SACS scholarship. What is that?

The SACS, or Study Abroad Competitive Scholarship, is a scholarship that is financed by the $4 International Education Fee that Texas Tech students pay every term they are enrolled. The SACS is open to students who are participating in a credit-bearing study abroad program outside of the U.S. We encourage all study abroad students who meet the eligibility criteria to apply. Please visit SACS webpage for application instructions and helpful tips to make your application as competitive as possible.

Where can I study abroad?

Texas Tech offers students the opportunity to study abroad all over the world. We have approved programs on every continent except Antarctica.

What is a faculty-led program?

Faculty-Led Programs are study abroad programs led by Texas Tech professors. Each year, usually in the summer, Texas Tech faculty teach courses abroad in locations around the globe. Students enroll in catalog courses, pay Texas Tech tuition and fees, and an additional program fee to participate in these programs. The program fee often covers room, board, excursions, and professor expenses; what the program fee includes depends on the program. Airfare is usually an additional cost, depending on the program. Students interested in studying abroad with other Texas Tech students and Texas Tech faculty should consider a faculty-led program

What is the TTU Center in Sevilla program?

Texas Tech has a study center in Sevilla, Spain. This was established and welcomed the first students in 2001. Many academic programs are offered at the TTU Center in Sevilla during the long semesters as well as during the summer. 

What is a reciprocal exchange program?

A reciprocal exchange program offers students a unique opportunity to study abroad at a partner university for a semester or academic year. With this type of program, you pay the same TTU tuition and fees that you would pay if you were studying in Lubbock. 

Why should I choose a reciprocal exchange program?

There are many reasons to participate in a reciprocal exchange, but many students choose this program type because of its affordability. Reciprocal exchange programs are great opportunities to study abroad for a longer period of time while keeping costs low. 

Some of the study abroad programs listed say “GE3.” What is that?

Global Engineering Education Exchange, or GE3, is an exchange program option for Engineering majors only. Texas Tech partners with this consortium to make it possible for Engineering students to study abroad while paying TTU tuition and fees.

What is an affiliate program?

Affiliate programs offer students a wide variety of options to study abroad. Many affiliate programs are facilitated by a third-party, providing additional student support services and employing on-site staff in the locations where they offer study abroad programs. Student support services can include airport pick-ups, on-site orientations, visa assistance, cultural excursions and activities, international health insurance, and more. Affiliate providers set their own prices, and students pay them directly. 

Why should I choose an affiliate program?

Students generally choose an affiliate program because it aligns well with their academic and/or professional goals. There are affiliate program options across the globe, and the length of the programs can range from a few weeks to an entire academic year. Students may choose from different types of study abroad experiences such as international internships, research, or service. The support services provided by many affiliate programs may also give students peace of mind. Their on-site staff can serve as a safety net for students who may otherwise feel uncomfortable participating in study abroad.

What is pre-departure orientation?

Pre-departure orientation is an online video students must watch before going abroad, as well as a quiz to take upon completion of the video. During this orientation, the TTU Study Abroad staff prepare groups to study abroad by discussing topics such as culture, academics, health, safety, spending, language, common stereotypes of U.S. students, and more.

The pre-departure orientation offered by the TTU Study Abroad Office is mandatory regardless of any other orientation sessions offered through your program, faculty leader, College, or partner university. 

Will I receive charges to my Student Business Services account? If yes, when will I receive those charges?

For faculty-led programs, programs at the TTU Center in Sevilla, and programs at TTU Costa Rica, the Study Abroad office will bill your student account for the deposit (if applicable), program fee, Education Abroad Fee and insurance. For other programs, the Study Abroad office will bill the Education Abroad Fee and insurance. Payments must be made according to deadlines established by Student Business Services. Please remember that for affiliate programs, students are responsible for paying the affiliate provider directly and should contact them with all questions related to program payment.

For more details including when your account will be charged, please visit Process of Paying page.

When should I purchase my tickets?

Students participating in a faculty-led or TTU Center in Sevilla program must have their application accepted by Texas Tech and receive confirmation the program has met a minimum enrollment before purchasing tickets. This confirmation will come from your faculty leader and/or your Study Abroad Counselor or Engineering Program Manager.

Students participating in a reciprocal exchange or affiliate program must be approved by Texas Tech Study Abroad and their host university or program before purchasing airline tickets.

What happens when I return from studying abroad?

When you return from studying abroad, the TTU Study Abroad office will welcome you back, share information about the academic credit that you earned abroad, offer ideas for staying engaged with our office, and connect you with opportunities to unpack your study abroad experience and provide feedback about your program. You will also receive invitations to volunteer at the Study Abroad Fair and provide testimonials (a quotation and photo) that captures what you enjoyed about your study abroad experience.