Texas Tech University

Application Process

Students interested in participating in a Texas Tech study abroad program must submit an online application through Texas Tech Study Abroad by the appropriate deadline. For most programs, the entire application process is online, though some programs may require submission of hard-copy documents. To assist students with the process, we have detailed application instructions.

How to Apply for Study Abroad

Application procedures can vary by program. In addition to reviewing the application how-to video, students should consult the application instructions available within each application.

  1. Select the program to which you will apply and click the "Start Application" button available on the program webpage.
  2. Log in using your Texas Tech access ID and password.
  3. Select the desired term.
  4. Complete all required questionnaire(s).
  5. Read, follow all instructions, and provide your digital signature on any other application documents that appear under the heading "Signature Documents."
  6. Students applying to an affiliate or exchange program may be asked to complete another application in addition to the Texas Tech application. Instructions for how to complete this additional application will be provided by your Study Abroad Counselor.
  7. Read and mark read any items listed under Learning Content.
  8. Some items will require further review in order to be checked complete. For example, your passport or receipt showing you've applied for a passport will be reviewed by your Study Abroad Counselor and marked complete if uploaded correctly. 
  9. Click the "Submit" button. You're done!

Students already accepted into a program wishing to extend for an extra semester may be required to submit another application for the new term and should contact their Study Abroad Counselor concerning the appropriate next steps.