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How to Afford It

Some study abroad students are willing and eager to put in a great deal of effort when applying for grant money. Others are unwilling to submit a single scholarship application. We consistently see the students who cast a wide net by applying to several funding sources pay for their own participation in study abroad successfully.

Even when parents, family, or guardians are able and willing to cover the cost of a student's study abroad in full, we always encourage students to invest in their own education by contributing a portion, however small, to the total program cost. With skin in the game, students are more likely to accept responsibility for planning their own experience. Upon return, students who help pay for study abroad by picking up a part-time job, taking out a loan, and/or receiving scholarships may be able to recognize more readily the academic, professional, and personal benefits of having completed a study abroad program with Texas Tech.

Campus staff is eager to share financial resources and teach students how to afford study abroad. It is also important to remember that scholarship money does not always have to be exclusively for funding a study abroad experience. For example, a student may find a scholarship for “college men from Texas studying math,” and that scholarship could apply to their study abroad budget. Furthermore, a student may not receive a scholarship prior to studying abroad but can offset the cost of their study abroad experience retroactively by submitting applications when they return from their program.

Typically there is not an enormous amount of money available from one single source, but a focused effort by a student can yield a substantial amount of funding to apply toward study abroad.

For more information, we recommend attending a Funding Your Study Abroad Workshop. We also recommend you check out the Easy Guide for Study Abroad Scholarships. 

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