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Toolkit for Faculty-Led Programs

Hosted and maintained by the University of Kentucky's Office of International Affairs, the Embedded Education Abroad Faculty Toolkit offers faculty members an array of pedagogically-sound instructional activities that can be integrated in embedded, education abroad courses, or more specifically, those undergraduate courses that include a brief experience abroad as a minor component of a course.

The Embedded Education Abroad Faculty Toolkit has been designed with respect to two primary focus areas, global citizenship and academic development. Specific course objectives have been written for each focus area and are supported by an array of instructional tools that can either be integrated into course syllabi or facilitated as one-time activities. While one will ideally select tools that align with course objectives, the Toolkit has been further categorized by phase of instruction, content thread and learning style.

Each tool is explained in a one-page document that provides a brief description of the tool, noting its objectives, materials needed, and recommended method of evaluation. Faculty members are invited to adapt selected tools to more closely align with course objectives and the context of the international travel component. Each tool is supported with a student handout and/or related instructional documents. While these documents have been prepared to be used for embedded education abroad programming, they can be easily adapted to suit the needs and goals of most any education abroad program. Note that these documents provide a brief explanation of the method of evaluation, which may also need to be revised accordingly.