Texas Tech University

Your Role in Faculty-Led Programs

Developing a customized, faculty-led program is a team effort. Learn what is expected of you as a faculty leader as well as the support you can anticipate from the Faculty-Led Program Manager and Study Abroad Office.

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Role of the Faculty Leader

Faculty leader expectations include, but are not limited to:

  • Develop a program that intentionally incorporates aspects of the host culture and student experiences as a focus of the academic experience.
  • Collaborate with the Faculty-Led Program Manager to establish the program. This includes completing all components of the faculty-led program registration process.
  • Work with the Office of International Affairs Accounting & Finance staff members to develop a program budget, considering measures to keep the program affordable for students.
  • Appropriately manage program funds.
  • Market your program and recruit students to meet enrollment minimums, keeping in mind the appropriate student/faculty ratio.
  • Host meetings/orientations prior to departure to orient your students, set expectations, and start developing the group dynamic.
  • Attend Faculty Workshops which include information about emergency preparedness and crisis management.
  • Maintain communication with the Study Abroad Office and students, including in emergency situations.
  • Comply with all faculty-led program procedures as outlined in the OP for Faculty-Led Programs and the Faculty-Led Programs Handbook.

Role of the Faculty-Led Program Administrator

The Faculty-Led Program Manager expectations include, but are not limited to:

  • Collaborate with the faculty leader(s) to establish the program. Facilitate all components of the faculty leader's registration process.
  • Collaborate with the Office of International Affairs Accounting & Finance staff members and the faculty leader to develop the program budget and manage funds accordingly.
  • Assist with program marketing by developing a program webpage and offering the opportunity to exhibit at the annual Study Abroad Fair.
  • Initiate the student billing process in collaboration with the Office of International Affairs Accounting & Finance staff members.
  • Host Faculty Workshops which prepare faculty leaders for emergencies and student behavior abroad, as well as inform leaders about liability forms and insurance.
  • Support faculty before, during, and after the program.
  • Respond to emergencies as needed.
  • Process program evaluations.

Role of the Study Abroad Office

The Study Abroad Office expectations include, but are not limited to:

  • Facilitate the student online application process.
  • Provide a general pre-departure orientation, mandatory for all study abroad students.
  • Monitor the health and safety of Red Raiders around the world and respond to emergencies as needed.

More information about the role of the faculty leader, the Faculty-Led Program Manager and the Study Abroad Office can be found in the Handbook for Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs and OP 34.26 Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs.