Texas Tech University

After Acceptance

After you are notified of your acceptance, please complete these next steps.

  1. Confirming your participation in the Texas Tech Incoming Exchange Program by pressing ‘CONFIRM' on your online application.
    • You can find the Confirmation button on the left side of your application. It is very important that you confirm your intention to attend Texas Tech since our office cannot initiate the immigration documentation process until you have done this.
  2. Proof of eShip Postage
    • eShipGlobal is an online service that allows you to easily pay for express mail delivery with your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover cards only). You enter the address yourself to ensure your DS-2019 is delivered to the correct location. All express mail-related communication will be handled by the eShipGlobal service. To pay for express delivery, follow the directions below.
      • Go to the eShipGlobal website and click on "Sign Up" to create your account.
      • Enter the required information and click "Register."
      • An activation email is generated and sent to the email address you provided. Click on the link to activate your account. A new internet browser will temporarily open and activate account.
      • You will receive another email indicating that your activation was successful. You can now log into the website and create a shipment label. 
      • To create a shipment label, go to eShipGlobal, enter your email address and password, and click "Login."
      • You will see your welcome page.  Click on "Receive a Package from Universities."
      • Choose Texas either from the drop-down menu or the map. You can also type "Texas Tech University" in the University Search box.
      • Scroll down and choose "Texas Tech University" and click "continue"
      • The choose "OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS" and click "Continue." Do NOT choose any other option.
      • Your label information will show that it is being sent from Alexa Smith at the Texas Tech Office of International Affairs.
      • Your profile information should populate in the shipping fields. Make any necessary changes or corrections and click "Ship/Quote."
      • Enter your payment information and click "Submit." You will receive a confirmation from eShipGlobal when your transaction has been approved. An email will be sent to the Office of International Affairs notifying us of your shipment label creation. We will then print out your shipment label once your documents are ready to ship, and you will be notified by eShipGlobal once the packet has been picked up for delivery. 
  3. Provide your insurance information
    • All international students are required to have health insurance that meets or
      exceeds the U.S. State Department's standards. Students must provide proof that they have enrolled in one of the following insurance policies by the deadline listed below. If you choose to not to enroll in one of the two policies listed, you will be enrolled and billed for Texas Tech's insurance. The cost for this insurance is approximately $1,200 for one semester.
  4. Submit the Meningitis Form
    • This is a required form for students who are under the age of 22. You will have access to this form on your application. The completed document should be uploaded to your application.
  5. Advise the Exchange Coordinator of your housing plans. You can find information about on-campus accommodation at the on-campus housing page and information for off-campus accommodation at the off-campus housing page.
  6. Photo of yourself
    • This phot must meet the following criteria. This will be used for your TTU Student ID.
      • Color photo
      • White or off-white, smooth background
      • No side profile pictures, you must be looking straight at the camera
      • No borders on photo
      • Do not wear anything that will obstruct the view of your face (sunglasses, etc.) unless for religious puposes

The Exchange Coordinator will process your admission to Texas Tech and generate your student ID (R-Number). You will be sent instructions on how to set up your TTU account (E-raider) online.

The Exchange Coordinator will enroll you in the courses you have been approved to take. Note: if you will be paying Texas Tech tuition and fees, you must enroll yourself. Instructions on how to do this will be sent to you.

Undergraduate students must take a minimum of 12 semester credit hours (usually 4 courses), and graduate students must take at least 9 semester credit hours.

You will be required to attend an Exchange Student Orientation when you arrive on campus before the start of classes. You will be asked to register for the orientation before arrival.

Our department of International Student Life has several important things available after you arrive like airport pickup, short-stay program, and more. You can find out more here