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There are numerous apartment complexes near Texas Tech University to choose from. The majority of the apartments close to campus are included in the bus route that takes students to and from campus each day. It is important to do you research on apartments early as most leases are full a month before school starts.


Be sure to cross check with the Texas Tech Bus Schedules/Routes when making a decision on apartments. However, please keep in mind, the Lubbock Bus system and route is very different from the Texas Tech Bus system. While the Texas Tech bus system runs regularly to and from common apartments to campus, the Lubbock bus system goes only a couple of spots in the city and is not always reliable. It is also important to pay attention to whether an apartment is furnished or not. The majority of the apartments close to campus are furnished, however there are a few that are not.

Note: Please be sure to figure out if the apartment will allow 6-month leases if you are only staying here for one semester.

It is your responsibility to research and apply/sign a lease for an off campus accommodation.

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