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Faculty Success

Faculty Success is the software platform for TTU's documentation of faculty credentialing.

The Office of Planning and Assessment (OPA) is an integral part of faculty credentialing at Texas Tech. OPA works to ensure that all instructors of record are qualified to teach in their instructional discipline. OPA's efforts, combined with all departments across TTU's campus, confirmed compliance with SACSCOC during the 2015 reaffirmation process. We persist with this endeavor each semester and continuous compliance is a priority of OPA.

Faculty Success allows faculty to track academic and professional activities electronically. Keeping the Faculty Success account up-to-date maintains TTU's faculty roster for SACSCOC reporting as well as a faculty member's HB 2504 compliance. Faculty Success also allows faculty members and TTU to streamline reporting processes through customized reports such as the Annual Faculty report; Core Faculty Grants, Presentations, and Publications; and the CV report.

For any questions, please call Kenny Shatley, (806) 742-1505.

Step-by-Step Guide to Uploading your Syllabus


SACSCOC 6.2.a Faculty Qualifications

SACSCOC Resource Manual

For each of its educational programs, the institution justifies and documents the qualifications of its faculty members.

It is the institution's obligation to justify and document the qualifications of its faculty. Determining the acceptability of faculty qualifications requires judicious use of professional judgment, especially when persons do not hold degrees in the teaching discipline or are qualified based on criteria other than their academic credentials. Similarly, persons holding a degree at the same or lower level than the level at which the course is taught require additional qualifications and the application of professional judgment. Additional justification is needed for these cases as compared to cases where the academic credentials are a “perfect match” for the teaching assignments. Appropriate qualifications may also differ depending on whether a course is generally transferable to other institutions; qualifications for teaching nontransferable technical courses depend heavily on professional experience and appropriate certifications or work experience.

TTU OP 32.36 Certification of Faculty Qualifications

TTU OP 32.36

    • Purpose:
    • The purpose of this Operating Policy/Procedure (OP) is to document the qualifications of faculty, including instructors, teaching assistants, and graduate part-time instructors (GPTIs) to perform instruction at various levels.
    • Policy/Procedure:  
    • In this OP, the Principles refer to the Principles of Accreditation: Foundations for Quality Enhancement of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, 2012 or subsequent current editions of the Principles.
    • Selection, development, and retention of competent faculty at all academic levels are of major importance to the educational quality at Texas Tech University.
    • All faculty appointments, including instructors, teaching assistants, and GPTIs, and subsequent assignment of duties must be in accordance with the qualifications stated in the Principles and any associated policies or guidelines.


Office of Planning and Assessment