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ETS Proficiency Profile

The ETS Proficiency Profile is a nationally normed assessment used by over 100 colleges and universities in the United States since 2016. The Proficiency Profile can be used in accreditation requirements and to measure student performance. The Proficiency Profile assesses skills in reading, writing, critical thinking, and mathematics and evaluates context-based categories in humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. TTU used the abbreviated, unproctored online test form for greatest accessibility for students. The abbreviated form consists of 36 questions, divided into nine questions for critical thinking, reading, writing, and mathematics, respectively. Students have 40 minutes to complete the assessment, although extra time can be provided for students needing academic accommodations. If students do not complete the assessment in 40 minutes, or if ETS detects another discrepancy during the test, then those results are not included in the final data. After students complete the assessment, ETS provides eight scaled scores including a total score, four skills subscores, and three context-based subscores. The maximum total score ranges from 400 to 500, and each subscore ranges from 100 to 130. Additionally, ETS provides three levels of proficiency classifications for reading/critical thinking, writing, and mathematics, with Level 1 being the most basic, Level 2 being more advanced, and Level 3 the most complex.

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