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Nuventive Improve is the software platform TTU uses to document academic and non-academic assessment.

When successfully incorporated into the greater institutional system, assessment can help us focus our collective attention, examine our assumptions, and create a shared culture dedicated to assuring and improving the quality of higher education.

The tool selected by Texas Tech University for managing the evidence collected for our assessments is Nuventive Improve. A web-based assessment management system, Nuventive Improve is designed to help institutions manage assessment, planning, and quality improvement processes and overcome common assessment obstacles. Nuventive Improve is not assessment, nor does it teach individuals how to assess; its sole purpose is to assist us in organizing and managing the process.

Data that you enter into the Nuventive Improve database is reviewed by our office, which monitors student learning outcomes (SLOs) for the whole campus. OPA uses Nuventive Improve data as evidence for internal and external reports to the university president, Board of Regents, and regional accrediting agencies.

Bryson Carroll is the Associate Director the Office of Planning and Assessment at Texas Tech University. He can be reached by phone at (806) 742-1505.

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